Totally awesome but unrelated...

Looking for a quick and easy way to have fabulously gorgeous curls in about 5 minutes? Do you want your hair to look like this with almost no effort?

Yeah, if you are a teacher, then I bet I have your attention! My mom discovered this video on youtube. She explains how to get these gorgeous curls with only a headband. No heat was used to get this look!!! I know...crazy, right?

You can view another example done on my neice's hair on my mom's blog, Coggie Crafts.

View on friends!

I realize this had nothing to do with education, but I am sharing because if you are like me, you know a teacher needs some good sleep! You can set your alarm for a little bit later the next morning because you just wake up and viola, 5 minute hair!!

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  1. I love this! I've watched it twice! I would never have found it without you! More sleep and still looking great for work? Yipeee!
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