Graphics Galore

After seeing many cute graphics and fonts around blogland, I decided to sign up for Thistlegirl Designs and have purchased some really cute packs from Scrappin' Doodles as well! I also finally discovered the name of the font that I have been digging - smiley monster! are a few of my favorite fonts!!

What are your favorite fonts and where do you like to buy your graphics?

What are some other sites that sell graphics for teachers?


  1. Hey Ginger! Love your blog!! I've never bought fonts, but I can tell you where a TON of free ones are that I love to use. 1001 Free Fonts and Kevin and Amanda Fonts!

  2. Thanks Katie!! =) Yeah, I recently heard about Kevin and Amanda Fonts.

  3. I have been making my own graphics for some applications. For others, I have purchased graphics from scrappin' doodles. I am tring to figure out what software I would need to more easily make my own clip art, but, I haven't gotten very far!

    Amanda @


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