Pirate Paradise in Room 302!

My room is finally coming together! We have meet the teacher tomorrow night, so I will be posting my final product pics tomorrow.

Here are some cute pirate things I found at the teacher store, School Spot.

My Essential Questions are always posted on my white board. To go along with the pirate theme, it is titled "Today's Treasure Map." I used some cute little treasure chests and labeled them with each subject.

At our school, we use PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) as a school wide behavior system. Our schoolwide expectations are respect yourself, others, and the environment so I made this cute signs!

On yesterday's post, I showed you the behavior treasure map that I am going to use to encourage positive group behavior. I always like to do a whole class reward system as well, and this is an adaptation of what I did last year. The idea is basic. The students have to fill the chest with gems in order to vote on their own class reward.

I found my word wall letters at Teachers Clubhouse! Pirate themed of course!

And this is the before pic of the classroom if you are standing at the doorway looking into the room.

(Still a work in progress....)

More to come tomorrow!


  1. I love the theme! You're going to have fun with that one.


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