First Day Fun Facts

Today was my first day back with students and it was so much fun! I love my little peaches! I know I keep promising to post pictures of my finished classroom, but I have been so busy running around at school that I keep forgetting to take the darn photos! I promise they will be coming soon!

So instead, today you are getting little window into my classroom from today!

Fun fact number 1- When asked what states border South Carolina I heard Mexico and Texas. For real. We need to have some serious geography lessons.

Fun fact number 2 - One of my students slept on his desk for half the day. I tried to nicely nudge him awake several times, but it was an epic fail.

Fun fact number 3 - Teacher: "What's 5 - 2?" Student: "7!"

Fun fact number 4 - I like doing two truths and a lie as an ice breaker. I had a couple of interesting statements come out of this one!

Student A: 1) I have a dog. 2) I have two sisters. 3) I have had a baby.  HAHAHA I thought to myself surely everyone will know which one is a lie! But no. One friend said it was number 2. (They are so darn cute.)

Student B wrote only two statements. One was a truth and one was a lie:  1) I can talk to ghosts. 2) One time, a ghost threw me across the room. 

Can you guess which one was the lie!? ................wait for it............number 2. Apparently, I have a friend who speaks to ghosts! He will be known as the ghost whisperer from this point forward! =)

Fun fact number 5 - To begin the year in Word Block, the first guess the covered word is always about me. We discuss the importance of reading the sentences around the covered word, how important the length of the word is, and so on. Some sentences went as follows:

I have a pet ______ named Indigo (Indy for short!) He is bright ______! He likes to swim around in his ______ all day! 

Suggestions for blank 1: cat, dog, lizard, iguana, snake, then finally someone said fish. I kept having to redirect them to reading the sentences around the missing word. It was so funny! Once they figured about the pet, they were able to quickly fill in the last blank. 

Needless to say after today, we are going to have a year FULL of learning and fun!! haha


  1. Sounds like my class last year! :)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am your latest follower.

    As I was reading through your fun facts from the first day, I smiled when reading about your pet "Indy"... I used to have a dog named Indy, so it was a nice little memory!

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