3rd Grade Social Studies Pacing Guide (South Carolina 2020 Standards)

Where are my SC there grade teachers? I know many of you have been apprehensive about the new Social Studies standards that were released earlier this year. I have had so many of you ask me if I was going to be creating new social studies units for the new standards and the answer is yes!

I know I am no longer teaching 3rd grade, but 3rd grade social studies is my heart and I have so many dedicated followers that I feel like I would be letting you down if I didn't!

Today I worked on making a shortened version of the standards and a standards checklist. After I accomplished that, I really looked at what the standards were asking. I broke each standard down into smaller bits and voila, the pacing guide was born.

These standards really want students to understand the physical features, climate patterns, and cultural characteristics of places around the world, so students will spend the first part of the year learning about continents and oceans, maps, what physical features are, what culture and economy is, what climate patterns are, and how all these things work together to affect people and where they live. During each unit, students will conduct research on a specific region of the world to apply what they have learned.

You can download your free copy of this pacing guide HERE.