Math Centers

After taking the MAP test three times this year to measure student progress, I've gotten my scores and they are disappointing. We correlated the MAP scores to our state standardized test scores and according to the data, 10 out of 16 of my students are not the "Met" level in Math. In other words, if they were to take our state standardized test (PASS-Palmetto Achievement of State Standards) today, they would not pass. How ironic is that??

So, in light of that information, my administration suggested that I start doing Math Centers to review skills students struggled with. I went back to the first unit on Place Value and we did these activities. I will add more later because I did these in just one day. Visit this link for several place value powerpoints and resources.

What activities do you use to teach and review place value? I would love more ideas and so would everyone else!!

Tunes for Geography

So, I know how horrible I have been about posting lately, but before you give me a hard time, just know that I've been on Spring Break and my mind has been on nothing but reading and relaxing for nearly 7 days now. It has been so refreshing and I'm kind of having a hard time making myself do anything school related.

Nonetheless, I feel I owe you faithful friends something useful. I'm sharing two songs today because I am in a cheerful mood. These songs were written by one of my amazing colleagues. Seriously, I have used more of her curriculum materials this year than anything else and they have been so helpful starting out a year with a brand new curriculum.

The first is a song to teach younger children about what city, state, and country they live in. I am using where I live as the example in the song but you can adapt it to your needs.

Where Do We Live? (Tune: Adam's Family)

Where do we live? * *
Where do we live? * *
Where do we live? Where do we live?
Where do we live * *

Our continent's North America
The US is our country
Our state is South Carolina
Our city is Greenville!

That's where we live, * *
that's where we live, * *
that's where we live, that's where we live,
that's where we live. * *

Whenever you see a * it means snap your fingers

This next song teaches children the continents. I'm sure many of you may already know a song or chant for this, but I'm sharing anyway because it's different!

The Continent Song (Tune: Are You Sleeping?/Where is Thumpkin?)

North America, South America
Europe and Asia
Oops I forgot one!
Africa, Africa

I love both of these songs because they are so simple and easy to sing along with because of their familiar tunes. When I write my own songs, which I often do to go along with the content I teach, I often choose simple tunes that all of the kids know because it makes it so much easier when teaching them the song. I have plenty more songs where those came from but I'll save those for another day!