Coming soon...a How To Writing Unit

This is just a preview of something in the works...I just started so it is not yet available for purchase. =)

and a freebie too...

Congrats to Mrs. Plum! The fonts were Pea Summer Funkyness and USStarsNStripes!

ELA Common Core Vocabulary Cards for K-2

I made a last minute decision this week to book a flight to Union, MO for one of the Whole Brain Teaching conferences. I AM SO EXCITED!! However, I'm also a little freaked out because I'll be traveling by myself for the first time ever!! AGH! And I hate flying with a serious passion. Seriously. But, I think it will be well worth it! I am so excited to become a whole brain teacher! I keep having dreams about it!

Anyway, point of the post was that I finally finished my ELA vocabulary common core cards for K-2. I haven't split them up yet for individual grades but I plan on doing that sometime today. Hopefully. 

And you know I like to give away my stuff free when I first post it so this one is called the font challenge. 

The first person to name both fonts pictured below and leave a comment including your e-mail will win a free set of the grades K-2 bundle or if you are upper grades you can win the 3-5 bundle!!

And NO cheating!! Please. =)

Good Luck!

To purchase a set, click on either shop button below!

And just in case you were wondering, my picture from the last challenge was of Key West! =) I leave in T-minus 2 days!

Themed Organizational Binders

I have finally had a chance to sit down and blog about my finished my finished binders! I'm like a proud mama! 

Ya'll...I have literally been working on these bad boys since Friday. For reals. There are two separate sets. Here is the first set!

And the second set...

These two sets of 11 different themes are sold separately but both sets include the following {minus the Pirate binder cover sample for set 2, that is just for preview purposes so you know what is included!}

And the best part is that the binder covers, the WWW sheet, the Schedule and Roster sheet, and the labels are all editable! They are available in both my shops! 

I am super proud of this baby. I literally woke up dreaming about making binders on Friday morning and then the idea was born!

I will begin working on the K-2 ELA Common Core Vocabulary cards this week and hope to have them finished before I leave for this fabulous place...

The first person to comment with where I am headed for vacation next week will receive both binder sets FREE!! {Unless you already know - that's cheating!} =) 

Please leave your e-mail in your comment!

Tutorial: Making Editable Files with Purchased Graphics

Hola friends!! I just learned how to do something really cool this weekend! I had been wondering how to do this FORVER! I emailed Brooke from Once Upon a First Grade Adventure to share with me how she did it.  Thank you Brooke!!

Here is the 5 minute video! At the beginning of the video I think I said how to make an editable PDF, but I actually meant an editable file like Powerpoint or Word!

I hope to be uploading the binder sets today! 

There will be two sets of 10 themes each. 

I will not offer them as individual sets due to the mass amount of time it would take to create all those TPT and TN descriptions and such, so please don't ask me to. =) 

Hope this tutorial was helpful! If you have anything else you would like to see done, just leave me a comment and I would be happy to try!

Getting Your Students Organized with Themed Binders

I literally had visions of the classroom binder in my head as I slept this morning, so then I was inspired to create a pack of classroom binder sets for several different classroom themes!

I used the PIRATE binder in my room this year and it makes it so much easier to communicate with parents and get students organized with sending their homework, notes, and graded papers to and from school.

Themes included in the pack are:
PIRATE, STAR, PRIDE, CHEF, JUNGLE, DOT, CAMP, HERO, BEE, STRIPE, PAWS, ROCK STAR, SEA, and BEACH! If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Here is a preview!

Above are just the binder covers. I have MUCH more that will be included to make the classroom binder possible in your classroom including labels and printables for your binder. I haven't quite finished, so I hope to have these done and posted soon with a FREEBIE also!

To the right is a picture of the binder I used a couple of years ago, just so you can get an idea.

The themes will all be bundled together, that way, if you ever change your classroom theme, ALL of the binder printables will be at your fingertips!

What do you guys think? 

Other binder themes? 

If it becomes too many themes in one pack, I may have to make divide it into two sets!

CAFE Posters and Strategy Cards

So I have fixed my CAFE posters and cards to satisfy the sisters new rules! They are available to download for FREE in my TN shop.

You can download them by clicking my TN shop button below!

I am also throwing a 20% off sale in my TPT shop for the next couple of days! Click my button below to head over and check things out!

SALE and more Common Core ELA

So I decided to keep my FLASH sale going until tonight because I can. =)

After receiving several emails, I decided to break up my ELA Common Core cards into individual grades! You people are hard to please! LOL Now, at least you will have the choice of a the bundle (grades 3-5) or your own individual grade! 

And the vocabulary cards look like this...

Go grab your set since they are HALF OFF in my TN Shop until tonight at midnight!!

I will begin grades K-2 soon! 

I have been getting emails from people about doing cards for 6th grade. I just don't know guys! It was enough work creating 3-5! If I have time at the end of the summer, we will see about getting those done! I know you middle school teachers like cutesy stuff too!

FLASH SALE - Half Off Everything!

Meh...I felt like having a sale...a FLASH SALE that is!

I haven't done one before so I thought I'd start with a bang!! Everything in my TN shop is 50% off! That includes my new ELA CC word wall cards!

Go snag yourself something for cheap!

ELA Common Core Vocabulary Grades 3-5

FINALLY, after what seems like forever, I have finished the ELA vocabulary cards for grades 3-5! There are 187 words included in this pack along with the standards for each grade, a list of each grades vocabulary words, and posters for each standard cluster!

They are available in my both of my shops for $12.50! I debated long and hard about how much to charge for these, but I have spent DAYS working on these and there are over 140 pages in the document.
I need a break from vocabulary words, so I probably won't have grades K-2 done until next week sometime. I hope you can use these! I am so excited to have finally completed them!!

First to comment will snag a FREE set!!

ELA Common Core WWW and a Giveaway!

I have finally started the daunting task of completing these ELA cards to match my Math ones! I am far from done, but since so many of the words overlapped, I decided to group them K-2 and 3-5. I think this will really save me time in creating them too.

All day yesterday I worked on reading through the standards and picking out words for each strand. That is basically all I have done so far. lol I hope to have time today to work on the posters and then the actual WWW themselves!

Here is a preview of the words for each grade level:

I included a list of words that stood out for each grade level. Many of the same words appear in consecutive grade levels so I won't make 3 cards with "affix" on it. I am going to code them by strand even though some words appear in more then one strand. I haven't decided how I am going to deal with that yet. Anyway, I just wanted to share that I am working on them!

I discovered recently that Jen, from Hello Literacy has been making her own fonts! I used her font Hello Firstie in my CC document! You can check out her stuff here!

In other news, Christina Bainbridge is hosting a HUGE giveaway to celebrate her blogs 1 year birthday! 

To enter, just click the button above! You can win a TON of great stuff!!

I hope to have those cards finished soon! 

Copyright Issues

It was pretty disappointing to learn today that all sellers who have posted anything with Daily 5, CAFE, or with angry birds (free or otherwise) must remove them from their shops according to a cease and desist letter received by TPT. I can understand how the owners of the material must feel though since I recently had an issue with this from another seller. Luckily all ended well, but it is very frustrating to see your hard work copied and claimed as someone else's work. 

FYI: I have removed the CAFE posters and strategy cards from my shop, but I intend on working on my common core ELA cards for 3rd grade today. I hope to have K-5 completed by summer's end. 

Have a fabulous day friends!

Landform Clip Art

Hey guys! I finally finished my landform clip art that I've been working on for-EVER! Head over to my clip art blog to check it out! 

Here is a sneak peak...

Click my clip art blog button below!

For more updates on my clip art, please go follow my clip art blog!

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Planners and To Do Lists

I have decided that I am going to get organized this summer! Seriously! I have seen many cute to do lists and planners for teachers, but I wanted it to not only include school things, but other things as well such as menus for the week, around the house chores, and such. I did, however, create these specifically for teacher bloggers, but they could be used even if you don't have a blog!

This is what I came up with:

To download, click HERE!

I hope these are helpful! 

I am really trying to get myself together and have a plan every day this summer so I don't get too lazy!! I have so many projects and units I have planned to create, but I know that if I don't have a plan and write it doen, it will never get done and I will procrastinate until it's too late! 

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