Three for Thursday!

Teacher week is still going on strong! Today is Three for Thursday where you can share some of your favs! Head on over to Blog Hoppin' to link up! 

Favorite Font
I have only recently discovered Kevin and Amanda's fabulous font collection, so currently I am diggin' on Smiley monster, Pass the Chex, and wish I were taller. I have been using them for pretty much everything I make in class this year! Everyone at my school is like, oh! I love those! 

Favorite Blog
Man, there are so many wonderful bloggers out there, but the one I stalk the most would have to be Thriving Third Graders! There aren't that many third grade blogs out there, but the ones that are are pretty great! I also stalk The Inspired Apple on a regular basis and "steal" several of her ideas and adapt them for my third graders!

Favorite Online Resource
My FAVORITE online resource is probably the same as everyone else's in the blog world currently: PINTEREST! Yep. I have gotten SOOOO many great ideas from this site and I still have so many more that I want to work on, but there's only so many hours left in the day after the students leave...

Can't wait to read and hopefully learn about some new great blogs and online resources from you all!!


  1. Thanks for follow, love your blog. I'm following your anchor charts! Thanks!

  2. Ginger snaps...
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the shout out of my blog-very sweet of you!


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