A little late on my holiday pack!

Hey friends! I hope you all had a SUPER Merry Christmas! Things have been different all around! 

I worked on this before Christmas and meant to post before, but you now how life goes! ;) 

Anyway, you could use it next year! I made a holiday pack with some fun activity sheets to use around the holidays!

I hope to be back with some more fun stuff soon! You can get this in my shops! 

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas!

Christmas Persausive Writing

I know many of you may already be on Christmas break but I still wanted to share my new writing mini unit.

There are four different writing prompts with graphic organizers and publishing papers on both primary and upper elementary writing lines.

It is available in both my shops! Just click the buttons below.

Happy Monday! 

In Rememberance

Image from Melonheadz!

Multiplication Facts Strategies Poster Pack

I finally completed my multiplication poster pack for helping students master their basic math facts! 

It includes posters for facts from 0-12 and then 5 separated posters for solving multiplication problems including:

* drawing arrays
* drawing groups
* drawing pictures
* skip counting
* using repeated addition

To purchase this file, head to either of my shops by clicking the buttons below!

I hope to be back soon with a fun persuasive Christmas writing pack!

I want to include these fun prompts:

* Which reindeer should be first?
* Gingerbread: Please don't eat me, or Please do! haha
* Should Santa or his reindeer take a vacation?
* All I Want for Christmas is...(Reasons why you deserve your present!)
* Santa needs a new outfit!

What do you guys think??

Happy Sunday! Is anyone else bummed that Walking Dead doesn't come back til like February!? Bummer!

A Field Trip and another Freebie!

So we went on our annual Roper Mountain Science Center field trip and it was so  much fun! We got to go to the South Carolina living history farm to see what life was like during the 1800's! We picked cotton, indigo, fed some chickens, and saw a pregnant cow pooping! It was quite the event! We also got to go to the Marine Lab and pet some sting rays and horshoe crabs, hold sea urchins and hermit crabs, all while learning about marine animal adaptations! Here are some pictures! 

Holding a sea urchin!

 Can we just count how many of my students are actually paying attention to the teacher? I swear this picture just captures my class perfectly. This is like my daily struggle! They're all in like a million different directions and the sweet girl in pink with her head in her hands got sent to school that morning with a fever! She said, "It's okay, my daddy gave me some medicine so I could still go!" WHAT!? Nobody wants to catch your sickness!! 

Whoever guesses how many students are paying attention correctly can pick one item from my shop! HAHA

 Tilling the soil!

I just love this picture of her picking cotton!

 I know you wanted to see the cow pooping. lol All of the students, INCLUDING me, were laughing and the instructor was like, "SHHHH!" I mean really!? I was thinking, that cow just took a crap and it's funny!! They're kids and they just think poop is hilarious! Get over it!

More cotton picking! 

And I know many of you loved the trading card idea but don't teach explorers. I made another template that you can edit for any famous person you wish to do! Just click the picture below to download!

I will be back with more stuff later! I'm still working on my Math Early finisher unit and I am going to make some Multiplication Posters to post also! Happy Saturday!