Multiplication Freebie

As you may have noticed, my blog has recieved a little makeover! I love it! Thanks to Megan Favre at a A Bird in Hand Designs!

I have just returned from my maternity leave and man did I miss my kiddos!! To help my kids really learn their facts, we always do weekly timed tests starting with 0's and 1's and then moving up each week. As kids pass each test, they color in a section of their multiplication sundae sheets. You can see the example below! 

At the end of the year, we have an ice cream sundae party to celebrate!

Here is the checklist I use to keep track so students don't try to cheat on their coloring sheets. =)

If you wish to download this editable file, please click the image below! You will need the following fonts for it to look like mine: KG What the Teacher Wants and KG When Oceans Rise. These are both free fonts you can download from TPT or

I created my own timed tests to use. The students just fill in what math fact they are on in the first column and then I call out the second factor. When they have done that, they turn their papers over and I set a timer for a given amount of time. I usually give them a minute and a half. You can do what is best for you. I collect all of the papers when the timer goes off. They must correctly answer all 13 questions to pass.