Let's Celebrate Earty Day

I think many teachers feel like they don't have the time to really celebrate and learn about Earth Day because of the pressures of testing. The state test is a week after Earth Day this year so I feel like I don't really have time either! But, it is so important to take that time to talk about this holiday because many students seem to be unaware of the things that are happening to our planet. Even if it's just having kids read an article for morning work or reading aloud a book to help get across the message. 

To help those of you who may not have enough time to spend teaching and learning about Earth Day, you can use these printables and activities!

There are reading, writing, and math activities included! 

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Spicing Up Your Behavior Management

A couple of years ago, I saw a blog post over at the What the Teacher Wants about the pumpkin present. If you haven't seen or heard of this, you can read all about it HERE! But in a nutshell, the pumpkin present is a Halloween themed behavior management idea. You put a special prize inside the pumpkin present during the week of Halloween and pass it around to students who are going above and beyond. Whoever has the present at the end of the day wins what is inside.

After I started doing this, I decided to try to come up with a behavior idea for each major holiday. You know...cuz kids be gettin' cray. So the idea of an Easter basket with goody filled eggs seemed like a cool idea! I basically just filled a bunch of small and large sized eggs with dollar tree prizes {mostly candy, reward coupons, and I found some cute sticky mustaches that I knew my kids would adore.} Throughout the day I pick students who were following directions and working hard to go and grab an egg. If they were being egg-septionally awesome, I would instruct them to pick a large sized egg! The kids loved it and it really helped the try to be more focused.

What the Teacher Wants posted a similar idea on her blog, but with a twist! Go check out her post HERE!

You can really apply this idea to any holiday. For Christmas, you can use a traveling stocking!

On another note, I had been using Class Dojo for the first part of the school year. When I came back from my maternity leave, I noticed that it wasn't really working all that well anymore. Womp Womp Womp! But...luckily, I had recently heard about Rachel's Lamb's VIP Table Management idea and it peaked my interest! I absolutely fell in love with it. You can read her post about it HERE! I literally was sooooo excited to try this. I stayed up at night thinking about all the things I was going to do.  I am going to share a little bit of how I decided to run the VIP table in my classroom!

Before we started, we discussed what a VIP was. I asked them to think about things that they thought VIP students would do. We came up with some rules and then I condensed the rules into three that would encompass every rule! You can download the copy of the rules poster and the VIP table poster by clicking the image below.

I put a special sign on the table that said VIP table. I have two ipad minis so I thought I would let me two VIP's have use of them for the day. I filled a caddy with special crayons, markers, cool pens, special scissors, white board markers, and highlighters. The kids loved all of the special supplies they go to use. 

Sometimes, when they come in in the morning I have a breakfast awaiting them!

They also have special VIP tag necklaces to wear!

I really just do whatever I feel like. Sometimes they have a shiny new book or pencil awaiting them. I give them special snacks or candy to eat during class. 

Dollar Tree is where it's at y'all. I was able to get several national geographic books for a $1.00! I knew I didn't want to spend a lot of money each week, but every now and then I try to do something really special to keep kids on their toes. I also give out reward passes like homework passes, wear a hat for the day, lunch with a friend, computer time, etc...

You can download a set of the reward cards that I am using. These were created by one of our other third grade teachers. You can download your own copy by clicking the image below!

There are also sit balls for them to sit on. 

Most of the teachers on my grade level decided to participate and do it with their classes so we decided to let our VIP's sit together in a special place! Most of the students have to eat lunch silently for part of the time, but not if you are a VIP!!

I also had the PTO president go pic up my VIP's some Wendy's lunch one day! OMG they loved it! There's even a cute little VIP seating only sign that we take to the lunch room each day!

Here are a couple of more pictures...

I also have a special little carpet next to the VIP table where they can work if they choose to. The possibilities are endless! I would love to hear your thoughts and your own ideas if you choose to use this in your classroom or if you already are! 

Fact or Fiction Files {Animal Edition}

I feel like a superhero. I actually completed this whole set today while I was on baby duty! I am so proud of myself! 

I enjoyed creating these sets immensely! I learned so much about common myths that I have always heard growing up. I think students will enjoy reading and learning about these myths, too!

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Fact or Fiction Files {Insect Edition}

My creative juices are flowin' y'all! Someone recently posted a picture on facebook about how people swallow six spiders a year. I've always heard this growing up and thought it was horrifying. I immediately thought it was a myth and someone actually posted that it was true. Really?? Well, of course I googled it and found out that it was completely untrue! How hard is it to google people!? 

Anyway, the idea for a Fact or Fiction file was born and I started compiling a list of common myths related to animals and insects. 

My first file is all about insects! I focused on 6 common insects that people are most familiar with and that were either fact or fiction. 

Each article has four response pages about the article. 

I think these articles will be a great way to engage students and get them practicing important reading concepts. 

I also have a second edition all about animals in the works, so stay tuned in the coming week or so for that. 

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Also, have you guys heard of Rachel Lamb's VIP table classroom management idea? It's absolutely brilliant! You can check out her post about the VIP table HERE. I will be blogging about how I do the VIP table in the coming week as well and you don't want to miss it! 

Carolina on My Mind {Non-Fiction Articles about South Carolina}

It's finally complete! I compiled a set of a33 non-fiction articles ALL about South Carolina. Each article has an activity or response page to go along with it. 

It has taken me quite some time as the research part of this is very time consuming. Plus, I have a five month old. She doesn't leave much time for creating! =)

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