Blogger Meet Up and Partial Classroom Reveal

Well it has been weeks since our Carolina Bloggers Meet Up here in Greenville and I finally had time today to upload pictures and post them! Here are just a few!
Me and the lovely Rachel Lamb from the Tattooed Teacer blog! We're new besties. =)

 Thanks to Amanda Madden of Teaching Maddeness for these adorable gift bags and nametags! 
This was so much fun! Amanda Madden put this whole weekend together and I can't wait until we get to do it again! All of these women were awesome!

We started school with kids on Wednesday and my classroom still isn't exactly where I want to be so I am just sharing a few projects and pictures.
Those little cups are dry erase! How cool is that! I found the dry erase adhesive squares at Wal-mart in the back to school section. I am excited for my Guided Reading groups this year! No more whippin' out those whiteboards!
 Um, did you guys know that Avery makes circular labels now??! I didn't...They also can be purchased in oval and square shapes!! I love them!! 
 I updated my Back to School Forms Checklist. You can download it HERE!
Well, I am off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday relaxing! Hope everyone has a great week! I will be back with a full reveal and first week fun next week!!

Updated Lesson Plan Template

Hey everyone!

I meant to get on here sooner and blog about my classroom and all that jazz, but it's been hella crazy this week with school starting with the kids on Wednesday. I promise to get around to THAT this weekend! 

I wanted to share my updated lesson plan template with you though! I modeled it after the one I used last year by Ladybug's Teacher Files. You can view that one HERE!

I created mine in Powerpoint so that my boxes didn't extend onto the next page when I type in. 

Important note before downloading: Please download the following fonts for this file to look like mine {KG Strawberry Limeade, KG Luck of the Irish, and Gingersnap Print (available on my blog)}.

EQ: Essential Question
BT: Blooms Taxonomy Level
AS: Activating Strategy
TS: Teaching Strategy
SS: Summarizing Strategy
A: Assessment

Feel free to use and adjust to your needs! =) 

I hope to be back this weekend to share all of the things we have been doing in my classroom and the BIG REVEAL! I can't tell you how many co-workers have commented on my "OCD"-ness! HAHA!

Currently I still feel like I have a million things to do, but this week has exhausted me...especially since I have a pretty rowdy bunch. I had to pull a kid into the hallway on the second day of school today! *Sigh* 

Here's to a better tomorrow! =) 

Happy Hump Day

And for you Big Brother watchers...Go JUDD!! Get back into that Big Brother House and break up Mcranda!!! HAHA 

Stocking up for the BIG sale!

I wanted to share some things that I have in my cart with you all because I know every year, I miss things that others find and so I just wanted to share some of those things with you all! Just in case you need a little MORE to add to yours. HA!

P.S. I'm not including clipart...there's just way too much! lol

And here are some things that you will find on sale in my shop!

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Happy Shopping!

Egg-speriments Mini Unit and B2S Sale!

Well folks, I have to say that my newest creation is becoming my favorite of all time! I am SOOOO stoked to use these activities with my upcoming class! 

Science is always so much fun and if you can capture their attention and strike awe in the faces, then you have a done a job well done! When I did the egg squeeze last year with my students, they were dumbfounded and amazed and inquisitive and I was overjoyed at their eagerness. I thought, what better way to start off the year in science than with a whole unit full of "egg"tivities that would capture their young minds just like that. 

This set includes several "egg"tivities and "egg"speriments that will help you teach the scientific method while sparking their interest in the subject of science.

Take a look...

I designed all of the egg-speriment pages to print two to a page so you could easily paste them into science notebooks {composition books}.

This project could be used as the culminating activity to the mini unit. I think your students will be EGG-cited to tackle Mission Egg-Possible!

It is available in my TPT shop. Just click the link below to head over and snag yourself a copy {which will be up to 28% off starting tomorrow!}

And Don't forget the annual TPT back to school sale starts TOMORROW!!!

Back to School Sale and a Sneak Peek!

The TPT Back to School sale is just around the corner! I've been filling up my cart for weeks and I am SO excited for all my new goodies!

The deets...

Thanks Krista for the adorable sale sign!! 

I've had this idea swirling around in my head for weeks to put together a little scientific method mini unit to coincide with our beginning of the year Egg-speriments and I am so EGGSTATIC about it! 

We always start the year with the Egg Squeeze and Egg Float to get students thinking about the scientific method, but I wanted to add more depth and correlate it more with the steps of the Scientific Method so this should be coming to you this weekend!

I think I posted about the Egg Float last year. You can view that post HERE!

Here's a sneak peek!

What do you guys think??

Teacher Week 2013 {Now Teach: Organizing for Instruction}

It's day 3 of Teacher Week and today is all about organizing our classrooms!

I am far from the final product so many of these pictures are just small projects I've been working {many unfinished} but I had to participate anyway! I will be updating everyone with the final product next week, but in the meantime, here are some tips for organizing your classrooms!

 {That ugly green color caddy bugs me so I have NEON ones coming soon! I also plan on printing pretty labels for my plastic drawers.}

 I took all of the leveled reader lesson plans and organized them by Fountas and Pinnell level to keep in a binder for easy access! It has been a HUGE time saver!
I have new plans for my meet the teacher handbook for this year...

Oh my-lanta, I'm in love with this! =)  Just click the image above for the TPT link! 

Now head over to Blog Hoppin' to link up with your organizational ideas so I can snag em'! ;)

Teacher Week 2013 {Classroom Digs}

It's time to check out my classroom abode! 

It's nowhere near being complete but I am going to post some photos of what I have comning along so far! I will be posting my final reveal next week! 

In the meantime, here are some projects and things I have going on. Many of these things may look familiar as I am sticking with last years NEON theme! =)

 These two items are new additions to my classroom theme this year and I love them!!
 I used my same bulletin board borders as last year but I added some Cameo cut out letters for each subject area. I am in love with the way they turned out!
Head over to Blog Hoppin' and link up so I can check out your classroom digs!

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