Mad About Science {A Giveaway}

Do you love science? It is one of my FAVORITE things to teach! My students get so engaged with by the wonder of science! Which is why I am so excited to team up with Simply Skilled in Second and Common Core and So Much More to bring you this awesome science giveaway! 

Three winners...yes, you heard that right...three winners will be chosen at midnight on Friday!

What can you win? {Science Interactive Notebook Templates, Science Flip Flap Books, and my Ultimate Science Word Wall Pack!

To win: Simply follow all of our blogs, facebook fan pages, and TPT stores! 

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Are you mad about science?

I spent a few hours today in my classroom getting furniture moved around and I am finally feeling a little excited for the new school year! 

In other news, I'm teaming up with some fellow bloggy pals to bring you an extra special science giveaway! 

More details to come tomorrow! You don't wanna miss out so stay tuned...

Text Feature Poster Pack {Common Core Aligned}

I'm baaaaaack from beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! I obviously wasn't working on school things because I was lounging by the pool at this amazing resort perched on the side of a mountain!

What an amazing view, right!? I was sad to leave, but so ready for home to see my loves! 

Aren't they adorbs!?

Well, yesterday I spent all day recovering from our long day of traveling home Saturday, and catching up on all the Big Brother I missed!

Today, however, I have been slaving away to get this puppy done and it's finally finished! I am so excited to share it with you all! I will have a freebie coming from this pack tomorrow, but in the meantime, here is a preview!

It is available in both my shops! Just click the links below to purchase yourself a set!

And I couldn't end this without giving a set away for free to one person! 

Who is my favorite person on this season of Big Brother!

{Please leave your email in the comment with your answer.}

A winner has already been chosen! The correct answer is Amanda! She makes me laugh!

Favorite Pins Friday

I was late to Cara's linky party last week, but I've been pinning like a champ all week and I wanted to share my finds! 

{Please include the source of your original pins if you participate!}

** All pictures are linked to the source of the pin. **

{ Favorite Teach-y Pin }

I love this idea for incomplete schoolwork!

{ Favorite Tech-y Pin }

I found this website where you can fake text messages! What a great teaching tool! I included another pin example I found on Pinterest!

{ Favorite Food-y Pin }

I love anything buffalo style, so needless to say, this won...HANDS DOWN!

Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring!

{ Favorite Home-y Pin }

I am in love with this outdoor table! And the rug. And the pillow...

{ Favorite Help-y Pin }

Um, I think this speaks for itself...

{ Favorite Fashion-y Pin }

I'm a big fan of black and white clothing. This is just too cute! The necklace just makes it pop!

And I discovered that cute new store in the process!

{ Favorite Arts-y Pin }

I am obsessed with all things South Carolina related so when I saw this piece of art...I about had a caniption!

{ Favorite Jewelry Pin }

Just lovely.

{ Favorite Print-y Pin }

These are gonna look so swag in my classroom!
{ Favorite Graphic-y Pin }

I'll end my pinning party with a freebie download pin I found! Chalkboard frames seem to be all the rage these days!

I had so much fun participating in Cara's fun linky! Head on over to her blog and join in on the fun!!

Mini Giveaway Winner

Thank you all for your fabulous ideas about how to use in your classrooms! You guys are all so truly creative!

Here is our winner!!

Lorena, please be thinking about which item from my shop you would like!

I'm still plugging away ay my text feature posters. Working on my computer for extended periods of time has been really difficult since everything happened last year. I get dizzy really easily and it's so frustrating! I just want to be able to go back to the way it was before where I could just knock out a product in like two days!  Oh well...things just take longer these days and I just need to get used to it. 

I'll be leaving for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a week on Saturday with some girlfriends and I am so excited!!

Technology Website You Don't Want to Miss and a giveaway....

So, there I was just pinning away on Pinterest when I came upon the coolest website!

You can create fake text messages to help get your point across about an idea or concept.

 Is that cool, or what?! Just click the image above to go to the actual website.

I am sure a ton of you already know about this cool website, but I thought just maybe, some of you didn't!

The pin linked back to Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers. You can view some more examples and ideas  by clicking HERE!

I would love to use this for teaching Social Studies. I think you could do a lot with dialogue in writing and even having students create their own fake text messages for back to school getting to know you activities and so much more. 

I would love to hear your ideas for how you could use this in your classroom. I will choose one random idea tomorrow to win an item of their choice from my store! Please only comment once and leave your email in the comment!

Annnnnd GO!

Science Graphics Shout Out

So a couple of weeks ago, I emailed Ashley Hughes from, The School Supply Addict, and asked her to create a set of scientific tools. She graciously agreed and they came out so stinkin' cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

You can click the image below to go purchase them in her shop!

Is this an awesome set, or what!? 

These are going to look so cute in our science notebooks this year! =)

In other news, I hope to finish working on my text feature packet soon! 

Hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July!

4th of July Flash Sale!

I haven't thrown a sale in FOREVER, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon!

Just click the image below to visit my shop!
Fonts from KG and Miss Tiina. Star from Krista Wallden!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Fourth of July!! =) 

**Fingers crossed it doesn't rain!**

Text Feature Posters Coming Soon!!

I was so happy with the way the science word wall cards turned out that I thought I would make some Text Feature posters to match the same style! I just might have to do a classroom makeover for this theme and style! I'm kinda lovin' it!

I'm basing these on the ELA Common Core standards so all of the poster words were pulled straight from the K-6 Informational Text standards. I am including two font styles and black and white posters so that you can also use them in your Reading Notebooks. I'm thinking of also creating some smaller ones for all you notebookers! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

On a side note, I'm super bummed that this whole week {including the 4th of July} will be plagued with rain and nasty weather! So much for a good firework show! I was in Key West last year for the 4th and it rained then too! Maybe the weather gods will bless us with no showers on the night of the 4th and we can all enjoy the show!

Anyway, I hope to have these posters completed and posted in a few days!