SC Social Studies Study Guides

I have wanted many times to get on here and post pictures of my new classroom at my new school, seems like I can NEVER find the time and am never quite satisfied with my pictures. Call me a perfectionist.

Anyway, I've been wanting for some time to put together some study guides for each subject for the entire year and I thought, Why not start with Social Studies?!

There are 8 total study guides covering all of the 3rd grade social studies standards for the year.

I broke them into the following units:

* Places and Regions in South Carolina
* Native Americans and Explorers
* Settlement
* American Revolution
* Government
* Civil War Part I
* Civil War Part II
* South Carolina in the 20th Century

You can purchase a set in my shop by clicking my blog button below.

If you are a South Carolina 3rd grade teacher and you would like to win yourself a copy, please comment below with which social studies unit you think is my favorite to teach! Whoever is the first to chime in with the correct answer will win themselves a copy!