Hi everyone. I just wanted to update everyone on why I haven't been around this week. I left school Wednesday feeling dizzy and with a terrible headache. I went to the emergency room three times between then and Friday when they finally did an MRI Friday and found that I had a small stoke. I have been in the hospital since Friday and am still recovering. I have missed blogging and stalking dearly, but I wanted to let everyone know that I am okay and why I haven't been around. I hope to be back to normal soon. The doctors say I will we out of school for a few weeks while I recover and go through some physical and occupational therapy. 

Anyway, miss and love ya'll!!

Presidents Day Freebie

I've been promising this freebie all weekend so here it is! Students will write about what they would do if they were the President! I can't wait to read what they write!

Graphics are from KPM Doodles! Just click the image above to download!

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St. Patty's Day Clip Art

I was inspired to make some St. Patrick's Day clip art! 

You can purchase this set HERE!

To purchase the digital stamp version, click HERE!

I am also excited to announce that I will be opening a new blog just for my clip art! The design is created by the very talented Kristen from Ladybugs Teaching Files! 

It isn't quite finished so as soon as it is, I will let you all know and hopefully you can all follow me there to see my newest sets of clip art! 

Here is a preview!

Stay tuned!!! I am so excited!!

4th Grade Common Core Math Cards!!!

Finally! After much hard work, the Common Core math word wall cards are done!! I am so happy to have them finally finished! AND, they will be on sale through Monday for $4.20, along with all of the other items in my store! 

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Happy Sunday! I hope you all enjoy your long weekend!

Presidents Day Sale!

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Enjoy your long weekends!! I know I will.

I have a Presidents Day writing freebie coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Fact and Opinion Freebie!

We are working on distinguishing between facts and opinions this week. I made this fact and opinion sort to help students practice telling the difference between the two to use tomorrow.

Before the lesson, we viewed a flipchart to teach the difference between facts and opinions. We then listed clue words to help us know when we are reading an opinion on an anchor chart. Here are some of the words we had on our chart - good, bad, best, better, worst, worse, fun, wonderful, perfect, awful, I think, In my opinion, awesome, fabulous, terrible, etc... You get the idea.

I would have taken a picture of it, but it was NOT a cute chart! LOL

In other news, I have been feverishly working on the Common Core Math cards for 4th grade, but I am still not finished and I have quite a headache from staring at this screen! I hope to have them finished by the end of the week. I know...I feel like I have said this so many times, but seriously this time! Keep checking back!!

Happy Hump Day!!

Force and Lots of Motion!!

We have been doing lots of fun stuff in science and I wanted to share some pictures of some activities we did during our Force and Motion unit! 

To begin the unit, we did an activity to learn about the relative location and position of objects. Our Science book had a great activity to help teach the students about this concept. Each partner group gets a bag of blocks, or you can use cubes. I used some foam blocks that we had in our 3rd grade storage closet. You need to make sure each back has duplicate copies of each block. Each partner sets up a divider between them and one students plays the builder and one student the copier. The builder takes their blocks and builds a structure. Then, the builder has to TELL the copier how to build the same structure. Then, they remove the dividers and see if they were right!

This group got it right!

They filled out this sheet to go along with the activity.

Just click the image above to download! They print two to a page.

Another fun activity we did was to learn about how mass affects motion. This one was sooo much fun! I gave the kids a toy car and three pennies. They had to let the car roll down a ramp with no weight, with one penny, and then with all three pennies. After each roll, the students have to measure the distance the car went and record it on their sheet. 

Here they are in action!

Here is the activity sheet for their science notebooks. All the procedures are listed on the sheet if you need more clarification on the activity! =)

Just click the image to download!

Here is the flipchart to go along with Mass and Motion lesson! Just click the image below to download it. Note: You need Activ Inspire software for this to work. 

I certainly hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day! I must say, my Valentine presents definitely did the trick!!

The big present won by a student at the end of the day! 

After opening the present she said, "There's too much candy in here." I about died laughing. I replied, "I can take it back if you want," to which she quickly replied, "NO!" HAHAHA

Valentines Day went off without a hitch! I was exhausted though! I even had to tutor for an hour and half after school. Talk about some nutty children! 

Valentine's Day Ideas

So, I hate that I haven't been able to blog much this past week. I have had some pretty serious things going on with my family and I just haven't had the time or the energy to post. I have tons of stuff I plan on posting but I'm going to start with the most important first! Valentine's Day stuff! 

A while back, I was inspired by What the Teachers Wants to steal her pumpkin present idea to help quell the nutty children during the Halloween season. Click HERE to see her post! This has inspired me to adapt the idea for Valentine's Day! I plan on using of these to fill with small trinkets. As the day goes on, I will pass it along to different desks of students who are following rules and expectations, being kind and considerate to others, and respecting the school environment. 

I was thinking I would fill it with pencils, candies, erasers, stickers and other fun things! When a student receives the Valentine Present, they will get to choose one thing from the chocolate box. I am so excited to try this out and see who it works!

Another fun thing I plan on doing on Valentine's day is reading this adorable book, "How Do You Hug a Porcupine?" by Laurie Isop, that I found at Barnes and Noble. SOOOOO freakin' precious...

It is a cute rhyming story about a boy who discusses hugging all kinds of animals, but he wonders how to hug a porcupine. He comes up with a clever idea to solve his problem by the end of the book. I am soooo in love with it!  

I thought it would be fun to have students write about how they would hug a porcupine, so I made this cute little writing page!

Just click the image above to download your free copy!

I have some fun science activities to share soon also and more clip art to be uploaded. I will be posting this rectangle clip art sometime today along with the digital stamps of all the fraction sets! 

I know I said I would do it Monday, but I haven't had time! 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday blog friends!

Fraction Clip Art

Hola bloggers! It's Monday night and I have been working like a mad woman to create some fraction clip art while simultaneously watching the Bachelor! I only have two sets uploaded to my Teacher's Notebook Clip Art gallery as of tonight. Tomorrow, I will have the digital stamp versions and combo packs uploaded. I also plan on making some fractions of a set clip art as well to post soon. I have so many ideas buzzing around in this brain. 

Here is the fraction clip art I have uploaded as of tonight.

I will post the digital stamps of these sets tomorrow along with my Rectangle Fraction Set. Stay tuned later in the week for more!

Click HERE to snag some clip art sets!

I also have some teaching related goodies planned to share this week. =) 

Valentine Newsletter

So I know it's taboo to post twice in one day, but I was so busy creating clip art this morning that I didn't have time to do anything else since I had to go to the circus today! I am bummed I forgot my good camera so I couldn't take any pictures to share. =(

I promised a Valentine Newsletter earlier and here it is! All clip art is from Microsoft Word. The newsletter title font is LuvCountryArt and the other fonts needed are Wish I Were Taller and Smiley Monster from Kevin and Amanda.com. I'm not sure where LuvCountryArt is from. I can't remember! But anyway, grab your freebie!

I also made some more geometry clip art! Someone requested 3D shapes with real life examples, so you can head over to my Teacher's Notebook Clip Art store to snag yourself this set!

 I also created some combo packs with the digital images and digital stamps for the 3D shapes set.

I have also created some combo sets for the line and angles set and the regular polygons set. You can check all these out here. I would love it if you would go add my clip art shop to your favorites! =)

Be on the lookout for some fraction clip art soon! 

Geometric Shapes and Lines Art

Hey everyone!! I am so excited! I am going to the circus today and I can't wait!! Ringling is in town and I haven't been in two years! I will take pictures for you!

Anyway, I have finally gotten around to creating some clip art this morning. I had a request for some geometric shapes and lines. I know it has taken me forever. I am going to work on that. I have just had so much going on at school!! Here is a preview of the Geometry Lines and Shapes packs.

I plan on working on another request for 3D geometric shapes with real life examples and a fractions set. I hope to have at least one of those posted tonight, but it may be tomorrow since I am heading to the circus later on!

If you want to grab yourself one or more of these sets, click here or on the clip art button in my sidebar. If you like my clip art, please add me as a favorite shop on Teacher's Notebook! It would make my week! I have just made the move from Etsy to TN, so I don't know if people are confused and think I have disappeared. Please help me spread the word that I am still doing clip art! =)

I also wanted to let you know that I am one of the sponsors for the Be My Valentine Exchange hosted by Sarah at Kindergarten Korner and Caitlin at Mr. Preppy! You could win a free set of clip art from my Teacher's Notebook store! Head over there to check it out and participate.

Happy Sunday! 

I hope to post again later about my 3D shape set! And I also have a Valentine newsletter coming your way!!