Pirate Newsletter Template

I posted a Back to School newsletter a few weeks back and I tweaked that one just a little bit to go along with my class theme. For all you pirate themed people out there, here is another freebie! And it's just in time for National Talk Like a Pirate Day tomorrow!

Graphics are from Scrappin' Doodles and Fonts from KevinandAmanda!

Let me know what you guys think!!

I will be happy to make another themed newsletter for you own classroom if you just leave me a comment with information on what you would like in it and your e-mail!


  1. So cute! I am your newest follower!

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. That is adorable!! I'd love to know what program you're using to create them. I teach music and I'm just starting a newsletter together with our librarian (sort of a Specials Extra).

    The pirate-theme is really great though! :) So cute!


  3. How about a western theme? I love the pirates. I will be using it for next week's newsletter.

  4. I will get back to you on the western theme Brenda!!

    Lindsay, I use Microsoft Word to create all my newsletters.

  5. I really like reading your blog and seeing all of the things you do in your classroom. That is why I am giving you the Versitle Blogger Award.

    Third Grade's a Charm

  6. I love your ideas and wonderful work!!! Our school mascot is a panda bear. Do you have any cute clip art that you could use on a newsletter....please?
    Thanks !!!

  7. I LOVE YOUR NEWSLETTERS! Would it be possible to make (and offer) a monthly newsletter w/ the cute graphics you have? I am such a FAN!

    Heather Lawson

  8. I would love to see some seasonal newsletter templates! Fall, Winter, and Spring especially! I know my first graders and their parents would love them :)

  9. I saw the apple template but couldn't find how to download it. Is it available yet? The teachers at my school loved the layouts and designs. It is much more fist grade friendly than what we are currently using. I would love to see a Christmas one.

    Heather Maxwell


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