MAP goals

We do the MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) Test every year in our district. It is becoming quite the secure test these days! We have so many students that receive oral administration in Math that it literally takes our school the entire month!

Anyhow, before we take the test, I always conference with each student about their goals and how they are going to improve from the last time. At the beginning of the year, you can use their previous years test scores as a jumping off point and take that time to explain the purpose of the goal sheet and its importance. My students are responsible for keeping these in their PIRATE binders and know where they are when testing time rolls around.

Here is the goal shee that I use in my classroom. I have linked it to the word version so you can make changes to suit your own classroom and needs. Just click on the picture to download the file.

Do you use a goal sheet in your classroom? If so, what does it look like? I am always looking to improve my goal sheet!


  1. Last year I used the goal sheet that you can print from MAP (somewhere in all those darn reports!). We started using DDI strategies as a district last year and it made it SO easy to help our students to make goals and work toward them. Kathleen, who developed DDI, simply used what was already there and created a way to integrate the strategies into content areas and whatnot. I have no idea what her consulting services cost but I know that the "master" book of everything has been my bible to help my students make waves toward their MAP goals.

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  3. Thanks Sunny! I looked at the one on the website and it's just too much stuff for them to write down (in my opinion.) I just want them to have something simple that they can take with them when they go to record the important stuff! =) I may need to try to add some of that other stuff in their Data Notebooks so they can see what areas they need to improve.

  4. I use the one from the internet too. (5th grade) Together we highlight their strengths (which I think are bold) in green and their weaknesses in yellow (which I think are italicized). Then underneath they have to write one way they want to get to their goal. Since their older we really discuss what the categories mean, and some easy ways to reach their goal. i.e. If their goal is number sense they can practice flash cards and writing and saying large numbers with a friend. We do it after every one.
    Also---what is oral administration?!?

  5. We must have the best adminstration. They make the goal sheets for us :) What I like about them is that they put the normed averages for each grade level at the bottom so we and the students can see where they are at in relation to the norm. We set the "norm" score as their goal at the beginning of the year (they can win no uniform tickets, etc.). Once their baseline is established they work off the NWEA goals that get set once the baseline is established

  6. Hi Ginger Snaps! I am a principal who stumbled across your site totally randomly through Pinterest!! I was wondering if I could share your MAP goal sheet with the other principals in my district as we are just completing our first ever MAP testing. Tough go (lots of computer crashes!) but one of these days I think we will like the data (right?). Didn't want to send it out without asking. Thanks so much!


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