Favorite Science Videos and Websites!

It's day 2 of Science week over at Teaching Blog Addict! Go link up!

Today we are sharing our favorite videos and websites! I just love teaching science! I am very tech savvy so I am always embedding videos and web links into my flip charts! 

One video that I use EVERY year to teach Weathering and Erosion is found on teacher tube. It is a fun cartoon by Study Jams to help students understand the difference between weathering and erosion. If you just search weathering and erosion, it should be the first one. 


 One website that I have found really helpful in teaching what fossils are is a simple web quest that helps students navigate easily to find the answers! Click the image below to go to the site.

We actually did this today and it was so much fun! Here is the science notebook tape in that we used with the lesson! If you are interested in the flipchart too, please email me at glauren4556@gmail.com. Click on the sheet below for access to the file!

Check back tomorrow for my FREE science unit!!! 

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  1. The video is free from Scholastic (Study Jams) and there are many great videos for science available.


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