Today was the 100th Day of school!

That means, we only have 80 days to go! Wooo hoo.

Okay, first of all, I want to thank KT over at Sneaker Teacher for giving me my first blog award, Happy 101!

Second, my faithful pencil sharpener died this week, and I was given this bad boy.

I am in love. My students can sharpen a pencil in 4 seconds! 4 SECONDS! That is insanely awesome and you should all be jealous, mainly because they cost $50 and I paid zip! Oh, the perks of a Title I school!

Annnnd finally, onto the real reason for this post. Activities for the 100th day of school (Don't act like you're not celebratin' it...)

1. Write about what you would do if you had $100. (Sidenote: my students actually did this today, and apparently they think that cars, mansions, and indoor pools are this affordable along with everything else they had on their lists! I had maybe two friends who said they would help the homeless. God Bless them!

2. Using three jars, have students submit a ballot to, "guess which jar has 100 pieces of candy." The winner takes home the largest and so on...

3. Give students 100 pattern blocks and have them work cooperatively in a group to make a design with their blocks. After they make their designs, snap a picture!

What activities have you heard of or done for the 100th day celebration in your classrooms or school?


  1. I love the 100th day of school! Ours is not for another week and a half, but I started getting ready for it today. I have parents in and we do a bunch of centers. Some of my favorites include taking 100 steps from the classroom, drawing what they think they will look like at 100 years old :) I am planning to do a blog post on this on my teacher blog next week so I'll have to remember the rest of my ideas by then :)

  2. If the students think they can get cars and mansions for $100, they must think their parents are cheap. Sounds like you day was lots of fun!

    My daughter made a Froot Loops necklace in first-grade. My son had to bring in 100 of something, and chose paper clips.

  3. Our 100th day is next week. I was searching for ideas and found this blog. In my class we make a 100 Days book. The greatest writing piece is, "If I had $100." The answers you get from 5-6 year olds is hilarious. We do the Fruit Loop necklace at the end of the day. Most of the necklaces go home with all 100 Fruit Loops-- some are missing due to consumption. The kiddos love celebrating 100 days of learning.

  4. What train did I miss? We're only on day 86 at my school... plus we have a week off in February (NOT complainin') so ours isn't until the end of Feb... I've got some FUNKY 100 glasses for the kids and your ideas will help too. I've already told them it is going to be a day of partying... I will CONTINUE my partying after school with some adult beverages too as it will be MY first 100 days of kindergarten as well.

  5. My Kindergarten grandson is really pumped about the 100th day of school. He also told me he is scared of going to first grade. That is a big step. I do indeed heart the pencil sharpener and may have to purchase one. I might as well since I can't afford an iPhone. I mean I have to get something that's cool.


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