Gold Stars are sooo 1980

It's the middle of the year and student energy is running high but their motivation is going on empty - at least in my classroom!

Here are some things I have done or heard of from other awesome teachers to help motivate students.

1. Gems in a Jar - I have a laminated paper jar that I tape to my white board. When the class pleases me, I add a magnetic gem to our jar. When the jar is full (20-30 gems), the class picks a reward.

2. Popcorn Points - Determine a point amount your class must earn by doing good deeds, keeping clean, doing homework, whatever you wish, and when the class earns enough points, have a popcorn celebration!

3. Tickets - I bought a roll of tickets and I pass them out for anything and everything that I see fit in my class! The kids write their names on them and drop them in a jar. At the end of every week, I draw out a name and they pick a cheapo prize from the trinket trunk. Then, I save all the tickets from each week and do a quarterly drawing to stay after school on a Friday, watch a movie, and have snacks.

These are just of few of my favs. What sort of incentive programs or motivators do you use in your class? Sharing is caring guys!


  1. I like your ideas. I also have seen jars of marbles used. Each time someone does something "good" they can put a marble in the jar. When it is full they can have a class reward.


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