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I was reading over at History is Elementary today, and it got me thinking about other unit review activities that I thought should be shared. First of all, if you haven't yet, go check out the review activity posted at History is Elementary. Fabbo idea!

Other review ideas:

1) Give students index cards and have them write down all of the most important vocabulary words (people, places, or terms). I wouldn't do more than 15. Have students spread them out on their desks. Call out a clue or a definition for one of the terms. Students hold up the vocabulary card that matches the clue. You can even make it a game and have groups work as teams to discuss and show their answers.

2) I do lots of graphic organizers for Science and Social Studies, so we keep them all in a folder and pull them out at the end of a unit to help us complete our study guides. It's really helpful!

3) Jeopardy! Kids love jeopardy! You can google whatever subject you're doing online and more than likely find a premade jeopardy game without having to create your own. But, if you want to reinvent the wheel, you can just use this template.

4) Write a poem that synthesizes information you learned in a particular subject.

5) "Stump the Class" - Assign teams of 3-4 people per team and give each team 3 index cards. They are to write a review question and answer on each card that would test the class's knowledge of the topics covered so far. They have 10 minutes to review all their training materials and come up with the questions. The trainer collects the cards and tosses a ball randomly to ask a question. The person who catches the ball may answer the question, confer with the team, or toss to ball to someone else. Once the question has been answered correctly, the person who has the ball tosses it to someone else and the process continues until all the questions have been answered.

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  1. I love the Jeopardy templates, and since I don't like to "reinvent the wheel", I've downloaded them. Thanks!


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