Spice Up Your Spelling!

I got to thinking today that we've been doing the same four types of spelling activities ALL year. How boring! I started doing some online research and here are my TOP 10 in random order!

1. Fraction Spelling

2. Make a secret code and use it to write each word

3. Write each spelling word and then write three words within that word. (Ex. Pickle - like, lick, lip)

4. Waterfall or Pyramid words. You write one letter at a time until the whole word has been written.

ex. p

5. Write riddles for each word. Ex. I cry when I am hungry. I wear a diaper. I am cute and cuddly. What am I? Answer - baby

6. Classify your words according to the number of syllabes. I would have them use three or four columns, depending on how many different syllabled words there are.

7. Rainbow words - Write each word in one color. Then, trace over each word with a different color. You can have them do this with however many colors you choose. I usually do three.

8. Mixed Up - Have students fold a piece of paper in three columns. Write the word in the first column. In the second column, mix up the letters. Go back another day with the first column folded back and try to unscramble the words. You can also have partners switch papers and unscramble each others words.

9. Write alliterative sentences. Ex. Joy jumps joyfully. Have them underline the spelling word.

10. Fancy - Write your words in fancy letters.

I found these spelling cards and stole a bunch of ideas from here. I really digthe idea of putting them on cards! You can then punch holes in each card and put them on a ring.


  1. I like your ideas of promoting spelling in your class. I also use some of your methods with others. I love to use 'Stepping stones" This is where a child needs to cross a river but has to step on the letters on stones to spell a word. I have the technological format named 'step and spell' where a word is called and the students has to step on the letters to spell a word. I love to use the CVC technique for small children. For the much older students syllabication technique is a bomb!

    I think we have to be vreative enough to get our students spelling. Thumbs up to you.

  2. Thank you for the ideas. I am tutoring a student and we focus on his spelling. I'm going to use some of these ideas. I do think that writing them all the time gets old for students and teachers alike. I really like integrating math and spelling - fraction math sounds fun.

  3. Cute ideas! I may have to try some of them with my third graders.
    Pigtailed Teacher


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