What better way to start than with a song!

First of all, I absolutely love music, but I especially love teaching music to my students! I'm sure you all have already figured this out, but use your colleagues as resources! I have discovered so many wonderful teaching tools, songs, and activities just by asking co-workers. FYI--Always ask before you borrow someone else's teacher made materials and lesson resources. Some people get all persnickety about it.

We have a fabulous 2nd grade teacher at our school who taught 3rd grade last year so she has lots of goodies for me to steal. This song about Energy, to the tune of the song Father Abraham, is just adorable!


We know ENERGY
It causes change
Thermal energy moves the atoms
It moves from hot to cold
And that’s called heat
With electricity, rubbing, and burning.

Here is a lesson to go along with your new song!

Essential Question: What are some sources of heat and examples of how to produce heat?

Standard: 3-4.4 (This a South Carolina standard)
Activating Strategy: Read, “All About Heat,” by Lisa Trumbauer.
Teaching Strategy: Teach the “Energy” song. Ask students what are some things that produce heat? Guide students in a discussion on some ways to produce heat. Have students rub their hands together. This is friction which produces heat. Explain how fire and light also produce heat. Students fill in a lotus diagram with picture examples of sources of heat.
Summarizing Strategy: Ticket Out the Door – Students make a list of all sources of heat they learned on an index card.

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