Gimme the goods!!

I recently took a technology class required for me to earn points to go towards certificate renewal -- you teachers know those classes I'm talkin' about. Anyway, the class focuses on incorporating blogs and wikis into the classroom. This got me thinking that maybe it would be more useful for me to create a blog that other teachers, like myself, could benefit from. I often find myself discovering upon first glance what I think are these awesome blogs and then they just don't deliver the goods.

So folks, here are the goods. I will be posting strategies, lessons, memory tricks, vocabulary activities, songs, and anything else I feel like sharing from my classroom, my colleagues, and my learning experiences. Why? Because I know what it's like to spend too much of your personal time planning lessons and thinking up new activities to engage your students AND because I like to share what works and what doesn't work in my world of learning and teaching.


  1. I noticed you have the addition and subtraction words on this blog, is there any like that for multiplication or division?

  2. how do you hear the songs for 3s, 4s & 7s? when i click on them its only a picture?

  3. I really like your resources!! Please send me the freebie


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