Updated Lesson Plan Template

Hey everyone!

I meant to get on here sooner and blog about my classroom and all that jazz, but it's been hella crazy this week with school starting with the kids on Wednesday. I promise to get around to THAT this weekend! 

I wanted to share my updated lesson plan template with you though! I modeled it after the one I used last year by Ladybug's Teacher Files. You can view that one HERE!

I created mine in Powerpoint so that my boxes didn't extend onto the next page when I type in. 

Important note before downloading: Please download the following fonts for this file to look like mine {KG Strawberry Limeade, KG Luck of the Irish, and Gingersnap Print (available on my blog)}.

EQ: Essential Question
BT: Blooms Taxonomy Level
AS: Activating Strategy
TS: Teaching Strategy
SS: Summarizing Strategy
A: Assessment

Feel free to use and adjust to your needs! =) 

I hope to be back this weekend to share all of the things we have been doing in my classroom and the BIG REVEAL! I can't tell you how many co-workers have commented on my "OCD"-ness! HAHA!

Currently I still feel like I have a million things to do, but this week has exhausted me...especially since I have a pretty rowdy bunch. I had to pull a kid into the hallway on the second day of school today! *Sigh* 

Here's to a better tomorrow! =) 

Happy Hump Day

And for you Big Brother watchers...Go JUDD!! Get back into that Big Brother House and break up Mcranda!!! HAHA 


  1. I had to do the same. And call that ones mom on 2nd day :-/

  2. Thank you!!! Just what I've been looking for. I appreciate your hard work.

  3. Ugh Mcranda is making me sick! Can someone please break them up already!

    Can't wait to see the classroom reveal!


  4. Thank you for the template. I was looking for more space to write!

  5. Thank you so much! Those are cute fonts too!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  6. I LOVE this! I was looking for a new, prettier way to do my lesson plans this year and I found it! Thank you!

  7. I love your template, girl!! I hate making ones on the computer because I could never figure out a way that I like, but I love this! :) Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love this and appreciate that you are providing it in an editable format. That allows me to have some flexibility to input what my principal wants to see. One question ... I'm unfamiliar with your codes in the boxes. Could you provide a brief description?


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