Egg-speriments Mini Unit and B2S Sale!

Well folks, I have to say that my newest creation is becoming my favorite of all time! I am SOOOO stoked to use these activities with my upcoming class! 

Science is always so much fun and if you can capture their attention and strike awe in the faces, then you have a done a job well done! When I did the egg squeeze last year with my students, they were dumbfounded and amazed and inquisitive and I was overjoyed at their eagerness. I thought, what better way to start off the year in science than with a whole unit full of "egg"tivities that would capture their young minds just like that. 

This set includes several "egg"tivities and "egg"speriments that will help you teach the scientific method while sparking their interest in the subject of science.

Take a look...

I designed all of the egg-speriment pages to print two to a page so you could easily paste them into science notebooks {composition books}.

This project could be used as the culminating activity to the mini unit. I think your students will be EGG-cited to tackle Mission Egg-Possible!

It is available in my TPT shop. Just click the link below to head over and snag yourself a copy {which will be up to 28% off starting tomorrow!}

And Don't forget the annual TPT back to school sale starts TOMORROW!!!


  1. Thank you for the sweet comment Cheryl! Some friends and I were just discussing how many people don't leave comments anymore so you just made my day! ;)

  2. Could be fun to do this in the weeks leading up to Easter!


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