Inserting Media/Links in Flipcharts and some Research!

So, before I went out on my sick leave, my students were finishing up their animal research reports. I was so happy with how they came out and how much my students have grown since the beginning of this year! Anyway, after they publish, we gave them this adorable animal research sheet made by my BTF (best teacher friend) as I like to call her. 

I can't give this away to you, since it wasn't my creation, but at least now you have the idea! They came out so cute that I just had to share.

Howler Monkey
Gila Monster
Killer Whale

Aren't they precious!!?? 

Annnnnd now for my next flipchart tutorial! I had a request yesterday to show you how to insert media and links to your flipcharts. I hope you can use this!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial on flipcharts! I love learning new ways to use my Promethean Board.

    Could you do a tutorial on how to record something you write on the board so that it will play back over and over? I'm thinking that after I introduce a new cursive letter, I could play a recording of me making it over and over while I help individual students.

    I think this is possible, but I just can't quite figure it out.

    Thank you!

  2. Thank you SO much for answering my request (and showing me other COOL things)!!! You ROCK!!!!!


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