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So, today was my first day back after my six week hiatus. It was a strange day because most of our third graders went on the big field trip today and I stayed behind with the students who couldn't go. It ended up being like 24 kids, which is really sad. However, it was kind of nice because I got to play catch up while they did their busy work! All in all, it was a pretty good day! Tomorrow will be the true test though because I will have my whole class back and I'll actually be teaching!

As I was catching up today, I realized that I teach a lesson on the kinds of angles tomorrow and so I created a fun angle sort! Just click the image to download!

I have also been tagged by Tessa from Tales from Outside the Classroom and by Erika at Think, Wonder, Teach and haven't had the time to get around to that!

Here Are The Rules:
* Answer the 10 questions that the tagger posted for you
*Create 10 questions of your own to ask the people that your're about to tag
*Tag 10 people and link them with your post (and let them know they've been tagged!

Tessa's Questions
1. Who made the biggest impact on your decision to become a teacher?
My freshman high school English teacher, Mrs. Hein. She made everything so much fun and engaging and I knew then that the decision was made even though I always dreamed about it as a child.
2. What has been one of your favorite teaching moments?
My favorite teaching moments are always overhearing students say how awesome you are as a teacher when they think you can't hear them! I love those times.
3. What is your favorite thing to teach?
I love teaching Social Studies! I know...weird. In 3rd grade in our state we teach all about South Carolina history and I just love all of the history that has happened in our state!
4. What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?
My favorite thing to do outside of school is to spend time with my close friends and family!
5. What do you plan to do over summer break?
I have lots of plans to create, create, create for my teacher store and blog! I really want to work on making the ELA word wall word cards.
6. If you weren't teaching, what would you be doing?
I honestly have no idea because I have never imagined doing anything else!
7. If there was only one thing people knew about me, I wish they would know....
that even though my face might look like I'm mad, I'm most likely not! I can't help it!
8. What is your favorite tv show?
WALKING DEAD! I love this show and I can't wait for it to come back on in the Fall!
9. What are you addicted to?  (think Diet Coke, flip flops, etc!) :)
Wine. Nuff' said.
10. What is the best non-children's book that you've ever read?
The Help

Erika's Questions
1. What is your favorite recipe?
I love making country style pork ribs marinated in OJ and garlic. Grill for 20-30 minutes glazing with teriyaki for the last five minutes! I like to pair it with mashed potatoes and glazed carrots!
2. Where do you find resources for your classroom? 
I find SOOO much stuff on Pinterest. I also find quite of bit of great things on other teacher blogs. And I also create a lot of what I use!
3. Name 3 organizational supplies you can't live without.
My library baskets!
The students PIRATE binders where they keep all of their homework and papers.
And this bad boy from Lowe's:

4. What are your favorite colors?
I love orange and teal.
5. What is your class or personal motto? 
Respect yourself, others, and the environment.
6. Do you use the common core standards in your classroom? 
We will be using the Common Core standards for Math starting next year. We will implement the ELA standards in the coming years.
7. What are your thoughts on whole brain teaching? 
I saw a video on it once and I was baffled at its awesomeness! I need to learn more about it!
8. Name 3 things the you need most for your classroom.
Paper! Those kids are like paper monsters! I don't really know that there's anything else I need, but I really would like some of those chair pockets and some iPads!
9. What do you do to celebrate a big accomplishment?
I treat kids to an off campus field trip to either the movies or Frankie's Fun Park! They don't often get those experiences so I try to provide those when I can.
10. Are you/do you plan on becoming nationally certified? Why or why not?
Not right now. I have a lot of plate right now, so I am just trying to get back into the swing of things!

Here are my questions:
1. What is your favorite book?
2. How do you motivate your students?
3. What is your favorite creative way to assess your students?
4. What is the best field trip have taken with your students?
5. What do you do to stay in shape outside of school?
6. What is a quick and easy recipe you cook?
7. What is the most exciting lesson you have ever taught?
8. What is the best teaching advice you have ever received?
9. What is your favorite read aloud?
10. What is the coolest thing you have ever learned at a professional development?

I am only tagging five friends and here they are:

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I can't wait to learn more about you guys!

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  1. Thanks for participating in the interviews. I'd like to say I'm addicted to wine, but when I have those days, I go to my favorite Mexican restaurant and get a GIANT margarita. It's a little sad that they know my order when I walk in! ;)

    Tales From Outside the Classroom

  2. Have a question? Kids that didn't go on trip.....was it b/c they didn't/couldn't pay? We always have this problem, but never have a good solution. Would love to know how y'all handle it. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the freebie! I will be teaching this after my Spring Break.


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