Equation Sentences and a Tutorial

So I just arrived back home from the wedding and am trying to relax, but before I got too comfy and lazy on my couch, I wanted to share my creation from my car trip home and the tutorial for Activ Inspire I promised yesterday!

One of the standards my students REALLY struggled with on their math benchmark test was matching a word problem to the correct number sentence. Essentially, it's algebra and it's freakin' hard. Thus, this little activity was born. I didn't feel like making it all jazzy and snazzy with clip art, so it just looks like this. I plan on laminating and cutting the cards apart. You just print the second page on the back of the first page so the students can just flip the card over for the answer choices. 

Click HERE to download.

And here is the tutorial I promised introducing you to some buttons and features you may not have known about in Activ Inspire. 

Hope this is helpful!!

AND HAPPY EARTH DAY! I wish I had time to make a freebie for it! I plan on stealing some ideas to use tomorrow from Pinterest! 


  1. Hey Ginger...for some reason I can't get it:( Do I have to have dropbox to get it? The screen just goes blank when I go to download it! HELP

  2. I am LOVING the tutorials!
    Officially became your latest follower using Google friend (even though I have been following you using Reader).

    My Second Sense

  3. FABULOUS job with the tutorials!! I've been jazzing up my Flipcharts like crazy:)


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