Tall Tales

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This week, we are focusing on Tall Tales and I am so excited!! My kids had so much fun last week learning about fables. I overheard so many comments from my students about how much they loved reading them! I think they will love these tall tales even more!

I made another graphic organizer like last week and I wanted to share. It is very similar to last weeks but I changed some of the categories based on the characteristics of Tall Tales.

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Here are some of the Tall Tales I am reading this week:

Also, on an embarrassing note, it was pointed out that I left out the letter W in my Bubbly Alphabet set. I am working on getting it fixed right now so I will email the corrections to those of you who have purchased it when I get it taken care of!


  1. We just finished up out folktale unit. My kiddos LOVED the tall tales. Swamp Angel was my kid's favorite.

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  2. Oh, who needs Ws? I don't think it's a big deal LOL.
    Leaving out that letter could make people use more creative vocabulary.
    *I just wrote that sentence without any Ws. I had to rewrite it twice.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

    1. Thanks for sharing the books you read. I was looking for good books to use with this unit. Thanks!


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