Fable Graphic Organizer and a Lesson Plan Template

This week we are focusing on fables during Guided Reading. When I pulled up the flipchart today with the essential question, the kids were like, "Yes! I love fables!" I smiled. We read the fable, "The Ant and the Grasshopper" together as a class and then discussed the different things in the story that made it a fable. Then, I showed them this chart I created which you can download in my TN shop by click on my TN button below:

I modeled how to fill out the chart on the fable we had just read together as a class. I then gave the kids their own copy of this chart and the fable "The Lion and the Mouse," to read. After students read the fable on their own, they had to fill out this chart. We came back at the end of class and shared what they thought the moral of the story was and what examples of personification they found! It was so much fun and honestly, I was surprised at how well they did coming up with the moral of the story. Some of the kids came up with different kinds of morals, but they all made sense! 

I was blog stalking Christina Bainbridge at Mrs. Bainbridge's Class tonight and she shared her lesson plan template and asked for others to share the ones they use. A couple of months ago, Kristen from Ladybugs Teacher Files shared this wonderful template which I have since embraced and used religiously from that day forward!!

I made some slight changes to suit my own purposes and this is what mine looks like. 

Not much of a difference, but I basically just merged the top two boxes into one and changed some of the fonts because when our coaches try to view our lesson plans they get all messed up because they don't have our adorable fonts!! I also added my push in and pull out times across the top so I don't forget and other people know when they come in to observe me and they don't think I just have children getting up and leaving class whenever they feel like it. =)

This is what it looks like with my lesson plans in it! Just so you get the full effect...

I know...I write a ton of stuff in there! But if I didn't, I would literally leave stuff out! I am a word for word type person. Call me OCD, but it is what it is! That Fraction Action book in that Math block was supposed to be read on Wednesday and Thursday of last week (We had a teacher work day Friday and it was a fabulous 4 day weekend), annnnnd its still there because even though I put it in my plans, I still forgot to read it. See!? Now you know why I have to put EVERYTHING in there!

If you totally love this template, LIKE ME, head over to Kristen's blog by clicking here and download yourself a copy, FO FREE!

What does your lesson plan template look like? I'm nosy and need to know. So go link up with Christina and post yours!


  1. Oh, I like the way you get all the information in each box! That is fantastic. Thanks for sharing and now I am a follower.

  2. Those look GREAT! Is it a full page for each day?

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

    1. It is a full page for each day. I used to use something more like this but I like seeing everything on one page!

  3. I really like how you use different fonts and colors in your plans. They look so much more exciting than mine! And intotally understand the OCD thing, Im definitely the same way.

    Sara :)

    Smiling In Second Grade

  4. You are so thorough!!! I love it! :) Thanks for the fables chart! :)

  5. I love your lesson plan format! It's always so interesting to see how others organize their plans. :) We turn in our plans twice a year, I couldn't imagine doing it once a week!
    Stories From Second

  6. I really like the fable organizer! thanks for sharing Ginger!

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    Teaching Treasures Shop

  7. Thanks for sharing!

    I have also posted some free graphics and templates to share. You can grab them on my blog: The 3AM Teacher


  8. Hi! I just came across your blog and love it! Newest follower! :) Your lesson plan format is awesome! Great ideas. Come check me out for some math ideas and activities

  9. Love the fables graphic organizer! We just did fables this past week and I wish I had seen this before then! I'll use it next year for sure.

    We read The Ant and the Grasshopper too : ) There is an AWESOME video of the story here. My kiddos loved it! We were able to talk about why the story on the video was a little bit different from the version we read (because it's passed down by word of mouth from different generations) and there were lots of laughs!

    Thanks for your great resources!


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