Freebie and Some Clip Art News!!

I have made the move from my Etsy shop to Teachers Notebook for my clip art! It will be so much easier for me now! From this point on, if you could please use my Teachers Notebook Clip Art gallery to purchase your clip art. You can visit the link in the side bar to head over there! Now you don't have to wait for me to e-mail your files! You can just download them from TN!

You can click HERE to visit my new clip art shop!

I was going to participate in the tag game today, but I am just too tired! 

BUT, I did want to share a freebie creation from tonight. We are doing animal research papers and I made this graphic organizer to help students organize their research information into five paragraphs. We are requiring them to have an introduction paragraph, a paragraph about their animal's life cycle, a paragraph about its habitat, a paragraph about it adaptations and defenses, and a closing paragraphs with interesting facts learned about their animals!

Tomorrow, we will be filling in this graphic to help us outline our information!

FYI: TS stands for topic sentence! =)

Just click the image above to download. 


  1. Great freebie! I did a similar report with my third graders when I taught third grade! It was always so hard get them to organizer their research! Too bad I didn't have this back then! :)
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  2. I'm psyched you're on TN!! Just added you to my fave shops. Thanks for this lovely freebie!

  3. Tag, you're it! Head over to my blog for details! :-)

  4. This is perfect for our next writing activity!
    Thanks for sharing!

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