In Limbo

Well, I woke up yesterday morning to a job interview offer in the district that I have been trying to get into. I got a couple of interviews back in May, but nothing came of it and nothing has since until this week. I don't know how I feel about it. On the one hand, I know this could be my one opportunity to get into this small district that's closer to home for me. It's not Title I {which honestly scares me} because that's all I've ever known. On the other hand, I've already moved classrooms at my school and have gotten settled into the idea of teaching second grade. I was actually starting to get really excited about it. I've printed tons of things, bought tons of second stuff on TPT, and now...I just have to wait. 

The email didn't give me a grade so I don't even know what grade I'm interviewing for. I think I would be okay moving at this point if it was a second or third grade position, but something in my gut just tells me it's fourth or fifth grade and I just don't know if I want to deal with the stress of so many standards to cover being that I'm 6 months pregnant. 

Oh yeah, and I'm pregnant. I know they aren't supposed to hold it against me, but I feel like they probably will. People keep saying it won't matter, but I just don't know. 

I'm going to go, give my best, hope for the best, and just see how it goes. You can never have too much interview experience! All I can do at this point is think positive thoughts! The worst that can happen is I go and it's not for a grade I feel comfortable with. All I have to do is say no if I get offered a position I'm not really crazy about, right? 

In the meantime, I feel like I can't do anything related to my class which kind of makes me sad! The interview isn't until Thursday of next week so I have a lot of time between now and then to kill. And who knows how long they will wait to call me. The last interview I had in the district, the principal didn't call me to let me know one way or the other for two weeks or more. By then, it'll be almost time to start back! Ahhh. This whole thing is just giving me anxiety!

Anyway, this post wasn't anything helpful for you, but I just needed to vent a little. I'm feeling kind of weird and unsure right now. I'll keep you all posted and let you know what happens. =)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Good luck...I know how you feel, I've been in that boat. Just think positive thoughts! :) Let us know how it goes!


  2. Good luck! I'm sure things will work out the way they are meant to for you and your family.

  3. How stinky to have to wait so much, especially when this is the time of year to get excited for the new year... Sorry to hear about your anxiety, but I hope everything works out just like you want it to! Good luck on your interview and hang in there!
    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

  4. Good luck with your interview! I hope it goes well.

  5. You'll end up just where you're meant to be. I believe everything happens for a reason. Going on interviews is always a worthwhile experience, and if you don't get the job, you'll be fine where you already are. Good luck either way.

  6. Honestly, if it was me, I would continue to plan on being where you are...that way if you ARE there, you're prepared and not upset for wasting time waiting on something that didn't come to fruition. If you AREN'T because you get and accept the other position, at least you'll be able to go into it with no regrets (well besides the usual bittersweet ones) :)

    Best of luck on the interview. I hope you get the outcome that works best for your journey.

  7. Ugh...I hate the limbo stage! I would feel the same way, not knowing what's going to happen and not wanting to move forward. Best of luck with the interview! I'm sure you'll rock it!!

  8. Good luck! Always go with your gut. And in the meantime, relax!! Have fun before the craziness starts. ;)

  9. I love your site. Yikes... but look at it this way if you stay at your present school you have already prepared a lot for the coming year. As far as the new job offer you can't do anything until they call so..... NOW go read about that new baby coming into your life. Live it up on Pinterest finding out new things for the baby. Go visit friends and family because when that baby comes you will be a busy, loving mom. Catch up on your bucket list on the things you can do now. Or if you want to stick to your blog and plan ahead for your weekly plans and do it now so you will be able to concentrate on what ever way you choose to go. Just enjoy being a Mom to be... :) Take naps and read because that will soon be hard to come by. Last and this might sound crazy but go look for Christmas gifts to get a head start. Lovin your Blog, Joanie in third grade

  10. I agree with Susan. Best of luck on the job interview!!!


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