Brag Buttons {Monday Made It}

I'm joining in on this week's Monday Made It to share with you a little something I've been working on this week. 

You've no doubt all heard about Brag Tags, right? Well, this is kind of a spin on Brag Tags and I'm sure I'm not the first one who has had this idea, but I thought I would make Brag Buttons instead! I personally just think they are cuter, but that's just me!

Here are some examples of the ones I printed and made! 

They turned out super duper cute if I do say so myself! These buttons came from Hobby Lobby. You can get a pack of 12 buttons for $4.99. The back of the buttons just snap into the front. It took less than 5 minutes to assemble all 12 of these. You can purchase these buttons at any local craft store! I scoured Dollar Tree and Dollar General, but they didn't carry them, so your best bet is the craft store {Michael's, Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore, etc...}

I created a set of 39 buttons to print and use in your classroom and they are on sale in my TPT shop for half off for the day! Just click the image below to head on over and grab yourself a set!

Annnnnd I also created a little freebie download for you that is also available for download in my TPT shop! Just click the image below to go grab your free copy!

I will be working on button sets for classroom jobs and classroom rewards as well, so stay tuned in the coming week! 

You can also win yourself a copy of this newest creation by just commenting with your email below and giving me some examples of buttons you would like to see in the classroom jobs and classroom rewards sets! I'll choose a winner tomorrow!


  1. very cute idea! Thanks for sharing!! Where did you get your buttons?

    1. The ones I used came from Hobby Lobby.

    2. thanks! Another reason why I NEED to go there!!!

  2. Super cute! Jobs would be amazing: Leader, Custodians, Messenger, Electrician, Coach, Librarian...ahh! The list goes on!

    Primary Explorers

  3. I think these are super cute. What kind of buttons are those? Are the the kind you pop open?


  4. Your brag buttons are adorable. I am heading on over to purchase them. I love your idea of making brag buttons.

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  5. The brag buttons are such a good idea! Jobs ideas-line leader, door holder, office helper, librarians, teacher's helper, table captain...Classroom rewards-Good sport, team player, computer whiz, and something that recognizes those students who are great organizers..I always have a few students that I can count on to organize papers or supplies.

  6. I love these! What about a generic I am proud of you button!

  7. I would love sight word, AR and multiplication facts buttons!

  8. What a great idea! These are super cute! I know my first graders would LOVE these! I would add zoo keeper (pet helper) for class jobs and AR All Star to reward my awesome accelerated readers. Thanks so much for sharing these!

  9. I used Brag Tags in my classroom last year and they were a huge hit with the third grade kiddos! However, this year I will be on maternity leave the first few months of school and will be teaching 2nd grade when I get back. I think the buttons are sooo cute for the younger students! (Especially for kiddos who forget their weekly job!) For job buttons I would have Line Leader, Door Holder, Table Captain (Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green), Class Librarian, Supply Specialist, Substitute, Paper Passer, Paper Collector, Cafeteria Monitor. For the rewards set I would definitely love to see AR buttons for students who meet their quarterly reading goal, Welcome to xx Grade!, I survived the test!, holiday themes for gifts, Math Facts Master, Monthly Themed Perfect Attendance and Homework Club. Thanks for sharing this great idea! :o)

  10. These are such great ideas!! :) I am a new follower!

    Chelsey at The Wild West

  11. Love them! They are really cute. Would you pin them on your students?


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