Genre Posters and Rustic Chic Decor

I think it is a miracle that I have blogged so much in the last week! I am amazed at myself! I've been creating new stuff like crazy. I guess I'm trying to make up for all the lost time this last year, so sorry for the creativity overload!

In light of my new classroom theme, I needed some Genre Posters that would match. Thus, Bolds and Brights was born!

I am seriously so in love with how these turned out! I cannot wait to print, laminate, and hang them!

I have them in pastel and neon colors as well!

Not everyone will like the colors I wanted to use.

I also finished my Rustic Chic Decor set in teal, gray, and lime accents!

Both the posters and my decor set are available in my TPT shop!

And as always, you can win both of these sets today if you can just answer one little question!

What's my new favorite TV show? {Hint: It's fairly new on television.}


  1. Tyrant. I love that show.


  2. Wow that was fast!! Haha that is correct! I'll email you your goodies! :)

  3. I'm in love!! Those posters are perfecto!!

  4. Found your blog through Pinterest. Love your stuff. Off to go follow your TpT store.


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