Some Halloween Cuteness!

So, Halloween is around the corner and I'm being inspired by other teachers and their Halloween-y cuteness! I went to Family Dollar after school today and picked up some goodies! 

Hope over at Second Grade Shenanigans had this super awesome idea about having a dead word funeral to kick off her descriptive writing unit. This idea is simply genius! I mean, come on...that is just cool!  

I don't have the time to decorate my wall as insanely wonderful as she did, but my idea was to use the window cling on in the picture below to display dead words on. Each day of the week starting Monday, I will display a new word on the ghost. We will brainstorm synonyms for the word and add to a chart. I will hang each poster in the room and they will be required to use those words from now on. =)

The bulletin board you see below is from a second grade teacher at our school. Her class was learning about similes so to end the unit, she had her students write down a simile on a pumpkin and color them. She added the pumpkins to a pumpkin patch and called it "A pumpkin patch of similes." What a cute idea! 

My other Halloween inspired idea came to as I was browsing the Halloween shelves at the family dollar and I laid eyes upon this plastic jar with pumpkins on it. I thought it would be fun to fill the jar each week with a different Halloween themed candy or trinket. 

Before students begin making their guesses, we will talk about what estimating is and isn't and add it to an anchor chart. The first week, students will estimate how many candy corns are in the jar and then the week after, we will estimate how many eyeballs there are. Another item you could fill the jar with are this little plastic spiders you always see for sale during Halloween! I plan on revealing the winner on Friday afternoons. The winner each week will win the contents of the jar, the title of Ultimate Estimator, and another fun little Halloween prize!

I also created a little estimation sheet to go along with the activity! Click the image to download!

Happy estimating!

I was also thinking today as I was trying to find cute Halloween fonts that it would be so much easier if there was a file with the names of all the fonts, so I went ahead and created this to help you find fonts when you are creating documents.

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  1. I love your ideas. Thank you for sharing the "dead word" wall, amazing idea!

  2. Ok, I LOVE your blog! I have found some great stuff and ideas. I especially love your fall newsletter freebie! Do you do a Thanksgiving one? Anyway, I love your site! So cute!

    "Mrs. Confident"


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