The Great Pumpkin Seed Mystery!

Pinterest has so inspired me to revamp my Animal and Plant Adaptation to add some Halloween flare! So, I came up with the Great Pumpkin Seed Mystery!! 

The students have to use the clues to help me figure out why a pumpkin grew right in my yard! 

Here is the full lesson plan:

EQ: What are the stages of growth in the life cycle of a plant?
Read Aloud: From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons
AS: Complete a plants have, need, give tree map and add to over the next few days. 
TS: Tell class that something strange happened! A pumpkin grew right in my yard. I have no idea how this happened. Ask students to help you figure it out. Lead students to come up with you threw last years pumpkin away in that spot. Could we conduct a test to find out? CW observe pumpkin seeds and record in journals. CW discuss what things the seed needs in order to grow and record on tree map.
SS: CW then plant a pumpkin seed to observe the life cycle of over the next few weeks. SW record observations on a class chart over the next few weeks.

Click the image below for a copy of the flipchart to guide the lesson. The flipchart was created using Activ Inspire Promethean software, so it may not work if you don't have it installed on your computer.

Here is a copy of the science notebook tape in that I created to go along with it! Click below for access!

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for the completed Plant and Animal Unit! I can't wait to share!

And don't forget, there are only 3 days left of my Halloween-spiration Linky Party! Go share your Halloween cuteness!! 


  1. hi! what program is the flipchart in? My computer isn't recognizing the download program :-/

  2. The flipchart uses Activ Inspire Promethean software.

  3. Thanks Ginger :) I must not have that installed... I'll have to look up on that

  4. LOVE IT!!! Just wanted to pop by and let you know that I have a hot blog award for you. Stop by and pick it up when you can. Have a most blessed week!


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