A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

We have been learning so much this last month that I just wanted to share a few things from our classroom's neck of the woods. 

We just recently finished up a unit on South Carolina Geography and Regions. One of the activities we did was a circle graphic organizer to help us learn about types of communities. This picture is from the first slide of the flipchart I made. 

Click the image to download the flipchart. (I've never linked to a flipchart file before so I don't know if this will work. If you don't have Activ Inspire Promethean or SMARTboard software on your computer, it will not open.) I realize that not everyone learns about South Carolina, but you can just change it to suit your own needs.

Here are some pictures of the kids completed circle graphics. 

(I just love Francisco's corn! HA!)

I am also giving you the circle graphic organizer to download!  Just click the image below for access to the file.

In writing, we have been doing descriptive writing. I was visiting Abby's blog, the Inspired Apple some time ago and came across her Pop Rockin' Descriptive Writing mini unit and I thought it would be a fun thing to do in honor of Halloween. I purchased the unit, which you can buy, here.  

Here are some pictures of what we have done so far! First, we talked about what adjectives were and I gave students the pop rocks and adjectives sheet. They tasted the pop rocks and wrote down adjectives to describe the experience. 

This is definitely my favorite picture. Just imagine you him laughing hysterically...This little guy was hilarious!  

Can you guess what flavor she had?? =)

Clearly these little cuties have never had pop rocks before! I just love their faces! 

Then we made this class chart to close the lesson.

The next day, we learned what a simile was and we made this anchor chart. 

The students then went back to their seats and completed this simile sheet.

If you like the materials, please visit Abby's TPT store and snag your copy! Your kids will love it and YOU! 

In Math, we have been doing subtraction with regrouping. Today, we played this spinner game. I had my students work with a partner, but this would also be a good individual activity. Just have the student use a paper clip and pencil to use the spinner. First, they spin a top number, then a bottom number and just subtract or add. 

Here is the copy of the spinner. Just click the image to download. 

Needless to say, we have been having tons of fun learning these last few weeks! 

More to come soon!


  1. I am getting a Promethean Board in a month! Do you have any math flipcharts you'd want share? I can't wait to use it but I have no idea where to start!?!


  2. I love your types of community graphic organizer! For some reason when I try to download it, it doesn't come out right. Any chance you would be willing to email it to me?

    Thanks in advance!


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