South Carolina Regions and Places {Unit 1}

I have been slaving away at this baby over the last week! I didn't think I would have it finished until the end of the week, but it's done! This thing is finally DONE!! This unit has EVERYTHING you need to teach about South Carolina's:

* 6 landform regions
* 4 major rivers
* major cities
* climate region
* physical features
* natural resources

The unit includes a planning guide, a comprehensive flipchart to use with each lesson with embedded links, resources to accompany each lesson, and assessments to use throughout the unit.

It is important to note that you will need Activ Inspire software in order to use the flipchart software. You can download it free HERE.

I would like to start working on Unit 2 soon, but I think I will take a break for now. This unit took a massive amount of time...mainly because I am HUGE procrastinator and worked on about 12 other things in the meantime. I also have some other ideas rolling around in my head and some items on my to do list I need to get to first.

I would like to hear from you all though! What are some things you would be interested in seeing done? What are some needs you may have at your school or in your classrooms? I really want to start focusing more to the needs of you all!

Anyway, here are some previews of the Social Studies unit.

I would love for you to win yourself a free copy! I'm currently on a new Netflix binge...Pretty Little Liars. What's your current Netflix or TV addiction? Drop me a comment with your answer and leave your email address! I will choose a winner by the end of the week!

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  1. I love Fixer Upper!

  2. 😔 my comment must not have went through.
    I said I just finished 13 Reasons a week or so ago and I've been watching Cupcake Wars (again) lately. Lol -

  3. Am I too late??? I just finished 13 Reasons! Now I need a new show. I binged on Pretty Little Liars last summer and then couldn't really get into this past season.

  4. Grace and Frankie.... I watched three seasons in a week (my daughter was at church camp so I was home alone)....Now I have to wait for season 4 to come out.


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