3rd Grade Math Assessments

I've been spending the first few days of my summer break working on finishing up my latest project! I have been wanting for the longest time to have some pre and post assessments to use in my classroom. I really want to start focusing on targeting weak skills before teaching a unit and also doing remediation for students during each unit. This product took a lot of work, but I'm confident that this will help me have more success guiding and teaching my math instruction this year.

The bundle will include 8 pre assessments, 8 post assessments, and the checklists for both. The unit tests are aligned with the South Carolina 3rd grade standards, but they are very similar to the Common Core standards.

The unit tests included are in the following order:

1) Place Value
2) Addition and Subtraction
3) Multiplication
4) Division
5) Area and Perimeter
6) Geometry
7) Fractions
8) Measurement and Data

I don't plan on using the pre assessments to take up a whole lesson. I want to use them during my morning work block, so that I don't have to spend time taking up a lesson. I would recommend doing it several days before you plan on teaching it so that you have time to analyze the data using the checklist. Each pre assessment has 10 questions covering all of the standards under that unit strand. The checklist looks like this:

At the top of each checklist are the standards. They are editable so that you can type in each child's name. Once you have graded each assessment, just fill in the row with x's or check mark's to show which standards were mastered on each unit assessment. To see which standards students are struggling with, I would highlight the columns with lots of x's. In addition, you many also want to highlight the students who missed most of the questions so you know know is not getting the content. If you wish to group your students based on the data for guided math, that is also an option.

As far as the post assessments go, you will use the checklists to see which students need reteaching or which standards you need to reteach. You will use the same process. Highlight standards with lots of x's or students who missed lots of questions.

AND, coming soon, the South Carolina Regions and Places unit. I have been working on this for a HOT minute, but I put it on the back burner so I could finish up these math assessments! The unit will come with full lesson plans, one flipchart with embedded links to each lesson, and resources to accompany each lesson!

I hope you an find this product as useful as I know I will! You can purchase your copy in my TPT shop by clicking my blog button below.

If you would like to win a free copy, drop me a comment and let me know what your favorite thing to do over summer break is! I will choose a winner by Sunday! Please leave your email in the comment so I can contact you!


  1. My favorite thing to do during summer is to sit on my deck in the evening and just enjoy my surroundings. So peaceful and relaxing. I know I should say something more productive but...

  2. I wanted to post a comment, even though I don't need the free set because I already bought it! ;) I couldn't wait!
    I just absolutely LOVE your stuff and this set is going to make math even more awesome next year!
    As far as summer break goes, my favorite thing to do is spend time by the pool, however, I haven't gotten to do very much of that yet because our pool has been green. :(

  3. I love your math assessment ideas with the pre- and post assessments; plus the checklists! Over the summer, I love reading and relaxing. Of course, I'm not on vacation until June 23rd so I hope you're enjoying yours. skrevat@juno.com

  4. My favorite things to do over summer are: going to the beach and preparing for the next school year. theparkers04@hotmail.com


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