Visualizing Activities

So, I feel like being at my new school, on top of being pregnant has left me zero time and energy to blog and share fun things that have been going on in my classroom! Meanwhile, I am still so totally in love with my new school and all of my students! 

A few weeks ago we focused on Visualizing to help us when we are reading.

I have been using Nicole Shelby's amazing interactive notebook for reading each week. Every Monday, we glue in our notes for the week and then we focus on that skill all week long! 

Here is what our glue in looked like that week.

If you like this set up, you can purchase Nicole's notebook by clicking the image below! It's worth every penny!!

Then, we did some fabulously fun things from Amanda Madden's Connecting and Visualizing unit! You can head over and check out more from the pack and purchase HERE!

This was my favorite thing we did this week! We read the poem, "My Neighbor's Dog is Purple," by Jack Prelutsky and made a little visualizing craft. This comes from Amanda's Connecting and Visualizing unit above!

Um, how darling are those!? Seriously!

And on a personal note, we took some maternity photos this weekend and I am so in love with how they came out! Here are a few from our fun little session! 

If you know us, you know we are a silly, fun couple and so when I saw this photobomb idea on Pinterest, I knew we had to recreate! It is seriously my favorite one of the whole session! HAHA

5 more weeks ya'll!! I think I can...

Happy Monday teacher friends!


  1. Holy cow! Only five more weeks? You look AMAZING!!! I think right about this time I just wanted to sleep, eat chocolate, and cried a lot! LOL!

  2. Awwww...your maternity photos are just beautiful!!!

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