Halloween Freebie!

I am soooooo close to being ready to pop out this baby. I'm 12 days away from my due date and I couldn't be more ready for it to happen! I cannot wait to meet her!

I've walked and walked. Spicy food? Check. Pressure points? Yep. Did that too. Annnd some other things...lol 

Alas, she isn't ready to make her way into the world yet. She's too cozy up in there! I've decided to put my energy to work and finish a little freebie I've been working on for about two weeks. 

I thought it would be fun to have the kids read about the History of Halloween since most kids don't realize that it started as a harvest festival. I might have learned a thing or two also!

Included in the pack are two different levels of the same passage and three supplemental activity pages. I hope you can you use them this Halloween.

Just click the image above to head over to my TPT shop and grab your free copy!

Happy Halloween! Good luck to all you teachers this week! It's probably going to be crazy! Especially for me, since I'm 9 months pregnant! HAHA Pray for me!


  1. Oh man... I remember feeling like that just a few months ago. I was about the suggest the "othere" things you made have tried. Anything to get that baby OUT!!! Hang in there mama!

    Teaching With Hope

  2. Hope you are feeling some comfort and doing well! Almost there!


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