First Day Visual Plans

So....let me just tell you that this past week has been CUH-RAZY! I've been frantically trying to get my new room all set up and ready for the new year. I am still not ready for my full room reveal, and students come tomorrow! YIKES! Don't worry...the room looks presentable, but I just have some little things I still want to get in order first! Call me OCD.

Did you guys know that TPT is hosting another Back to School Sale? That's right! But for ONE day only! Just check out the button below!

I do want to share with you my first ever set of visual plans with you! I only planned one day, but I think they turned out cute! Not everything in the plans is something you can purchase, but I did include links to things such as blog posts and such to further explain.

Click HERE to download my PDF with embedded links!

You won't find a link to the Meet the Teacher flipchart as I just created that about me personally! The Math About Me Snapshot is a twist on the About Me Snapshots I did a couple of years ago. Since I am teaching Math and Reading this year, I thought I would adapt it for a Math About Me Activity. Unfortunately, I can't share that file because I used someone elses template to create the math about me for my own personal needs. I will share more about the Math About Me snapshots in a later post!

My first day is tomorrow and I am super anxious. I feel more unprepared than I ever have for the first day and I know it will be a whirlwind day! Hopefully not chaotic. I anticipate I won't get much sleep tonight! Being 7 months pregnant and having to pee every other hour doesn't help either! 

I will try to report back and update you on my first week with pictures! 

Don't forget about the BOOST sale on Wednesday! 

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