2014 Classroom Sneak Peek

I've been steadily working in my room every day this week and I feel like it's slowly coming together. I'm not ready for the full reveal yet, but I do want to show you some "snapshots" of things I've been working on. 

As you may know, I've doing a Bold and Bright theme in my room this year. Think of the Crayola Bold Markers...that's kinda what I'm going for. =)

 My new room isn't as big as my old room, but I like the space. There is tons more storage space so I can keep the clutter contained to the cabinets! {This could be a bad thing for my inner hoarder...}

I'm going to have to do something about that horribly chipped paint. I just didn't think I would have time to repaint the whole thing this year. It's pretty big.

You can snag yourself a copy of those adorable iRead Labels from The Brown Bag Teacher HERE!

My room didn't have a teacher desk, but honestly...I prefer having a table. I have found there is more space on top for my "things." I just use plastic drawers underneath for my personal supplies. I also used the cabinets behind me for all of my teacher books since there wasn't a spare bookshelf for them.

You can purchase Amy Lemons numbers HERE. Hers are more customizable for your own classroom since they come in chevron and in black and white outline so you can print on whatever color paper you want. 

My numbers are already set in the bright and bold colors.

If you like the look of these word wall labels and numbers and think to yourself you need them for own classroom, you can download them for FREE from my TPT shop by clicking the image below!

I have also been working on a black and white classroom decor set which I hope to be sharing with you sometime this weekend! 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. wow....I can't believe how much you got done in one day! I've been in and out of my classroom over the past few weeks and I could not move any of the desks yet because they were still painting (having everything in the center was so annoying) I'm hoping to go back in today for a bit and start moving the furniture..finally! ;)


  2. There is no way I'd do that much in one day. I am the master of moving things around a bunch of times. You must have had a great plan!

    1. It really didn't take that long to put it away! A couple of hours maybe. But the rest of that stuff didn't get done that day! =)


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