Back to School SUPER Unit!

I have something in the works. 

It might take me a week, because of my serious procrastination. See, I should be working on it right now, but I'm blogging instead! ADD much??

I would love suggestions for anything you would like to see included in this unit. So far, this is what I have come up with, but I want to please the consumers. =)

* How to Have a SUPER Year writing and graphic organizer
* How to be a SUPER student writing and graphic organizer
* Super Goals
*My Super Traits (All About Me)
* Create Your Own Superhero (the students envision the kind of student they want to be and create it)
* Knocking Out a New Year writing and graphic organizer
* _____ to the Rescue (Students create a set of rules for the class)
* My SUPER Summer Vacation writing and graphic organizer
* Super Survey (Get to know the students)
* SUPER Back to School Book
* Teacher to Student gift: I am SUPER excited to have a kid like you in my class! 

I may add a few math and reading activities in the mix as well. 

What do you guys think?  What would you like to see included?

Are you channeling your inner Super Hero yet?? =)

This unit has been completed and is available in my shops!


  1. I love any super hero units! Who doesn't like a cape?
    My Second Sense

  2. How about a list of SUPER words for describing each kid or class as a whole.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

    1. Love this idea! I was thinking something to do with onomatopoeia would be cool too!

  3. Our school's theme is superheroes next year. This will be a SUPER start!


  4. I say yes to adding some math stuff!!

  5. I am thinking about something like SUPERBRAINS to review last year math facts. Something like a big brain full of math facts.

  6. I am LOVING that title - hehe :)

  7. hmmm, are you doing a superhero theme!? Looks great!

    1. No I am not Rachel! I am just making this unit Super Hero themed! I think I am just going to go with bright neon colors as a theme this year! =)

  8. Synonyms for Super would be really cute, and maybe looking at a real 'hero' and comparing someone like Rosa Parks or a soldier to a superhero. :)

    By the way, while I'm here... I'm organizing a charity drive for a teacher blogger's family- her son was recently diagnosed with leukemia, and I'm inviting people to send "Hats for Kenton" and some little things for his family.

    You can read more about it here:

    Since your blog is so popular, I wondered if maybe you could help spread the word! No big deal if you can't or don't want to; just thought it never hurts to ask! Thanks!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  9. I'm trying to put a "Superman or Superhero" theme together for this year & there really isn't a whole bunch out there. All of your things sound cute! Will your overall theme be superhero?

  10. Hi fellow Greenville blogger ! I've been a follower of yours for a while now...and I recently purchased your Common Core Math Vocab unit ! LOVE IT ! This unit looks super cute as well....I will have to add it to my wish list when it becomes available : )


    1. Awe that's awesome! I love that we are from the same town! I'm heading over to check out your blog now!

  11. That is going to be SO great! Can't wait to grab a copy!

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