Force and Lots of Motion!!

We have been doing lots of fun stuff in science and I wanted to share some pictures of some activities we did during our Force and Motion unit! 

To begin the unit, we did an activity to learn about the relative location and position of objects. Our Science book had a great activity to help teach the students about this concept. Each partner group gets a bag of blocks, or you can use cubes. I used some foam blocks that we had in our 3rd grade storage closet. You need to make sure each back has duplicate copies of each block. Each partner sets up a divider between them and one students plays the builder and one student the copier. The builder takes their blocks and builds a structure. Then, the builder has to TELL the copier how to build the same structure. Then, they remove the dividers and see if they were right!

This group got it right!

They filled out this sheet to go along with the activity.

Just click the image above to download! They print two to a page.

Another fun activity we did was to learn about how mass affects motion. This one was sooo much fun! I gave the kids a toy car and three pennies. They had to let the car roll down a ramp with no weight, with one penny, and then with all three pennies. After each roll, the students have to measure the distance the car went and record it on their sheet. 

Here they are in action!

Here is the activity sheet for their science notebooks. All the procedures are listed on the sheet if you need more clarification on the activity! =)

Just click the image to download!

Here is the flipchart to go along with Mass and Motion lesson! Just click the image below to download it. Note: You need Activ Inspire software for this to work. 

I certainly hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day! I must say, my Valentine presents definitely did the trick!!

The big present won by a student at the end of the day! 

After opening the present she said, "There's too much candy in here." I about died laughing. I replied, "I can take it back if you want," to which she quickly replied, "NO!" HAHAHA

Valentines Day went off without a hitch! I was exhausted though! I even had to tutor for an hour and half after school. Talk about some nutty children! 


  1. Thanks for sharing your force and motion project. It looked like so much fun!


  2. Love the force and motion ideas! This will be part of our curriculum next year. I pinned it so I can remember it next year! :)

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  3. Under the Procedure section on the recording page, shouldn't it start at #1 on the right hand side?

  4. This was so helpful in my planning!


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