Fact and Opinion Freebie!

We are working on distinguishing between facts and opinions this week. I made this fact and opinion sort to help students practice telling the difference between the two to use tomorrow.

Before the lesson, we viewed a flipchart to teach the difference between facts and opinions. We then listed clue words to help us know when we are reading an opinion on an anchor chart. Here are some of the words we had on our chart - good, bad, best, better, worst, worse, fun, wonderful, perfect, awful, I think, In my opinion, awesome, fabulous, terrible, etc... You get the idea.

I would have taken a picture of it, but it was NOT a cute chart! LOL

In other news, I have been feverishly working on the Common Core Math cards for 4th grade, but I am still not finished and I have quite a headache from staring at this screen! I hope to have them finished by the end of the week. I know...I feel like I have said this so many times, but seriously this time! Keep checking back!!

Happy Hump Day!!


  1. Thanks for the freebie! :)


  2. Of course CornDogs are the best food on the planet...especially when they come from the cafeteria!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  3. I appreciate the great resource. Thanks

  4. Thank you! simple, effective, & will get the job done/skill taught....love it!


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