What We're Up to This Week

This first week back to school has been great! I didn't realize how much I missed seeing my babies every day! I couldn't be more happy with my sweet class this year. They have their issues, but they certainly are good kids.

This week, we are learning all about plant and animal habitats. We started the unit Monday with a Book Pass. Procedure: 1) Gather enough content related books for each group or table. I have 4 groups, so each table had 6-7 books to choose from. 2) Distribute the Book Pass sheet. (Book Pass Sheet Link) 3) Tell them that they will choose a book from the pile and write the title and author in the left column of the sheet. 4) Set the timer for 3-5 minutes for them to preview the book by looking at pictures, captions, headings, and reading a few words here or there. The goal is for them to learn something from each book by browsing through. 5) In the right column of the chart, have them list any questions, comments, or learnings they got from the book. 6) Have them choose a different book at their table and repeat steps 3-5.

I have them do this 4 times. I love this as an activating strategy for a unit because it gives kids a preview of what they will be learning about and after it's over, all the kids have learned at least something about the unit! Have them share their books, questions, comments, or learnings!

Another activity we did this week was a little game to help students better understand division and practice writing number sentence fact families for multiplication and division. Procedure: 1) Give students centimeter grid paper and a numbered or regular die. 2) Have them roll a die. The number on the die tells you how many rows there will be in the array. Have students use X's to make the number of rows. 3) Have them roll the die again. This is the number of X's they will draw in each row. For example: If a student rolled a 2 and a 5, there will be two rows of five X's on the grid paper. 4) After they draw the array, have them write one relatedmultiplication and division fact. This isn't technically a game, but anything with dice involved is much more fun and exciting!

I think it's all finally starting to sink in! Division can be a tricky thing.


  1. That book pass thing is a great idea. I do something similar with my kids when we start a new unit, but obviously they can write as easily so it's usually done a bit more orally. Unfortunately, we only have a couple of actual units a year because science/soc curriculum is in need of an overhaul and everyone is too busy worrying about literacy to do that.

  2. love both of these!!
    I will be using them. THANKS!!!

  3. Teaching Science and Social Studies is my favorite. I like to find ways to integrate reading and the content areas because of all the push for the Four Blocks.


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