Squat and Score

As I was planning today, I came upon a fun little math game to reinforce math facts for any operation. It is called, "Squat and Score," and it goes like this:

1. Divide the class into 2, 3, or 4 teams. The students who are not working on the board will work on their white boards at their seats that way everyone is participating.

2. The first player from each team goes to the board.

3. The teacher will call out a fact.

4. Each player writes and works out the problem on the board.

5. When he/she thinks she is done and the problem is correct, they squat down. After the player squats, they cannot make any changes to their problem.

6. The first student who squats and gets the answer correct will win a point for their team.

7. Play for any amount of time. The team with the highest number of points wins!

I haven't actually tried this game yet, as I just stumbled upon this in one of my resource folders, but it sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to try it. We are about to start working on division, so I plan on incorporating this into my math plans starting next week.

What games do you all use to reinforce math facts? I need some more fun and unique ideas for reinforcing division!


  1. Great idea! I am going to try out your game this week. I like that all students are engaged with little white boards. Thanks so much.

  2. Oh I like this idea, especially because it incorporates a little bit of exercise into the day- that's my favorite :)

    I don't do much fact work in kindergarten but in tutoring I make a lot of games to work on facts including Memory and Uno- I find that games are the best way for kids to do something that could be pretty boring over and over again!

  3. Yeah Kelly, I agree! My kids love playing games and anything that gets them up out of their seats and active is always a plus!

  4. If I were a teacher, I could see this being of benefit in a classroom. Learning is so much better when it is fun. I've passed your blog onto a teacher in Utah with whom I work virtually during their writing time and he may have some other suggestions, even though he does teach 6th grade - you never know when the right little connection will come along though. Good luck with incorporating this in your class - Mrs. E :)

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