Geometry Memory Tricks

We are just finishing up a unit on Geometry and I have some more memory tricks for you from, "Memory Tips for Math," by Donnalyn Yates.

To help students remember what circumference is, have them write the word circumference, with dashes separating syllables, around the outside of the circle. For diameter, have then draw another circle and place the diameter through the middle and trace the semicircle so that it makes a D. This should help them remember diameter.

Here's a little rhyme -

Radius short, d i a m e t e r  long, remember this, and you'll never go wrong!

My students had a hard time remembering what a ray was. The best visual ray is by drawing the sun with rays coming out. Make sure you draw the arrows pointing out. Since they are already familiar with the suns rays (at least they should be) this should help them remember what a ray is.

I also read a really cute way to rememeber what a trapezoid is. Read the following silly story while drawing your picture to go with it.

An "ezoid," an outer space being, arrived in his space ship "The Trapezoid." But as he tried to get out, the door wouldn't open and he realized he was trapped!

Draw a picture of a trapezoid with an alien inside. Have the students draw it as well. Give your alien a talking bubble that says something to the effect of, "Help! I'm trapped in my Trapezoid!"

A similar strategy can be applied to helping students remember rhombus. Help students make the connection between the shape and the name by drawing a rhombus in the shape of a bus called the "RhomBus." Add some wheels and label it!

Here is a song to remember isosceles triangles.

To the Tune of "Oh Christmas Tree"

Oh isosceles, oh isosceles
two angles have
equal degrees

Oh isosceles, oh isosceles
you look just like
a Christmas tree.

Just Remember...

We retain 10 percent of what we read;
20 percents of what we hear;
30 percent of what we see;
50 percent of what we hear and see;
70 percent of what we say;
90 percent of what we say and do!

Getting the picture!???

If you know of any other memory tricks for geometry, please share!!

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  1. Thanks for these! :D I'm a junior and we're taking up geometry right now. :/ Pretty hard, but it's fun! ^_^


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